Hemp has an earthy flavour that many people dislike. It can be reminiscent of putting grass tasting oil in your mouth, which isn’t so favourable for most users. However, many people have shifted to using other products and finding different ways to turn them into a more digestible product. 

One method to intake CBD is through utilising CBD tinctures with food products and as a cooking ingredient. Cooking with this product can be a fantastic experience that boosts overall vitality and lifestyle trends of people, and can often have plenty of benefits to physical and mental health. Here are some things to note about using the best CBD products for your daily endeavours:

CBD and Food

CBD is popular in cooking and baking, as these techniques dissipate the earthy taste while incorporating its effects into the final product. It still maintains its benefits when used as a cooking ingredient as long as they are combined with fatty substances. Mixing this with butter, vegetable oils, and other kinds of lards and shortening products can create a whole new munching experience. People metabolise CBD oils better when mixed with fats, which is how the cannabis plant gives off the best effects. 

Adding a dropper of CBD tinctures or two to your cooking oil can give you the positive effects and maintain the wide range of flavours of your food. Be sure not to overheat the oil, so slow down the flames once it starts to sizzle. Otherwise, CBD tinctures can be used in desserts by adding a drop into pastry batters and even mixing it with honey for oatmeal bowls. Smoothies can also benefit from a dropper of the best CBD products, as these are easier to digest and most fruits and vegetables will mask the flavour of the oils. 

Some users who try it for the first time might experience some side effects in terms of their digestive system. As the body adjusts to the effects of CBD, you might experience diarrhoea, stomach aches, or even appetite gains or losses. 

Buy the Best CBD Products from Legitimate Sources

Quintessential Tips carries a wide range of the best CBD products available, and the top quality tinctures and oils are available that have a known origin. You’ll want to ask for a Certificate of Analysis, as the hemp plant still requires plenty of care and the proper conditions for growth. Cleaner variants of CBD might be more expensive because of how pure and potent they can be, and these are usually grown by labs and have the assurance of low THC levels. 

CBD in the UK is legal, but THC-based cannabis plants are still highly regulated with limited medical usage. Your source for CBD should always be transparent about where the hemp comes from, and their selections for various brands have to be well-chosen. The best will be an organically-grown product that has methods without chemical fertilizers or pesticides that can cause more harm than good. Industrial hemp is the keyword you’re looking for, as this is hemp used for various purposes and includes little to no traces of THC. 


The best CBD products have to have a transparent origin and must be bought from a reputable seller. There are plenty of new CBD products in the market, and these can often have absurd claims that have nothing to back them up. If you want the best health and lifestyle benefits, choose only high-quality CBD oils and tinctures. 

When it comes to having a broad spectrum of cannabis products in the UK, ranging from hemp oil to CBD edibles and more, our selection at Quintessential Tips is unparalleled. Get in touch to experience the fantastic world of cannabinoids today!