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CBD Capsules

Hemp Cannabinoid capsules are perfect for people who struggle to take cannabidiol orally in oil form and who are not keen on suppositories or vaping, just take with a glass of water and swallow. Pure Hemp oil Cannabinoids in capsule form are generally vegan, Kosher, GMO free and Gluten free. Like the oil its a high potency cannabidiol product that can be taken with ease as part of your daily natural food supplementation regimen. We find that capsules are the best way to take your cannabinoid hemp oils without tasting the product so if you have tried CBD oil before and do not like the taste or the taste was enough to put you off taking more then please try the capsules for a very different experience. Please note that Quintessential Tips does not sell CBD oil or hemp cannabinoid products be it in oil or capsules for medical reasons. We sell only high grade natural food supplements.