Pure Hemp Packaging & Other Services

Quintessential Cannabis Services UK

Quintessential Hemp Trading Company offers several services for the discerning company or start up. Work with us to make your vision come to life, we offer a range of cost effective and sustainable options for all business sizes and just like our retail reviews, we hope to make our customers very happy. We can offer quite a few different options so please see below for each option we offer. Greeting Cards, Wedding invitations and clothing labels are but a few ideas of what we could make for you - no job is to small, and we are very competitively priced, please contact us, and we will help you bring your ideas to life in a simple and affordable way.

On the green front these days. Awareness is higher than ever and increasingly so….how could it not be, with whole islands of plastic waste visible from the air and the ravages of our actions plain to see ….but are we aware that some of our valiant efforts, whilst better than past actions, are still not really ‘doing the job’ we need done now. Use HEMP and be part of the positive change….Let’s help this beautiful planet we call home, rejuvenate and recover.

Design: should you need the work of a professional graphic designer, our in house team can work with you to design and bring to life a variety of items for a few different formats - for example we can help make the designs for web banners, business cards, leaflets packaging or anything else you can think of - from paper products to Gazebo designs for printing - anything is possible, get in touch for a friendly chat, and we will see if we are a good fit for you. If you want a full design a creation option this two is possible - please see other products we can make for you below;

White Label CBD Oil  - please see our wholesale page for more info on this.  We can white label CBD oil bottled as per your requirement with little fuss - from payment to delivery is 15 days and you will have your own CBD oil brand you can be proud of and start selling. Please check out the wholesale page for more info - we can also help with label and packaging design and printing should you require. 

Pure Hemp Packaging -  We create packaging for the Hemp and Cannabis industry and are also busy with our Pure hemp food packaging options - while we can do this for you very competitively in any of our paper formats. We are the authentic choice for anyone looking to change the way they package their products in the UK Cannabis Industry and beyond that arena as well. So if you’re looking to bring about a sustainable future and would like to package your ideas in a Pure Hemp box, or if you have another idea you would like encased in the most ethical and green of packaging materials, then please get in touch as together we can bring your ideas to life. Based in Cornwall, UK, we produce bespoke, fine quality Hemp Products and Packaging for the world to use.

Pure Hemp Leaflets - Do you give out leaflets, we can print leaflets in very cheap affordable way which can be scaled to your budget and needs across variety of papers all the way up to Pure Hemp if you are looking to make an impact. From business card size all the way to posters, we can make any idea involving printing come to life, either with our without our design team help. Give these leaflets out with every order and utilize a valuable marketing tool that is often overlooked - sustainable and eco friendly, using different inks as required. Letterheads and catalogs plus menus all possible on pure hemp plus a variety of other materials.

Hemp Business Cards  - Much like the leaflets above, these can be done in a variety of our paper options but Pure Hemp Packaging is such a statement for you and your company. Like all things the key is in the detail and having a pure hemp business card feels good, looks good and is a great alternative way to make an impact, if you work in the Cannabis or hemp industry then it is a no brainer that you should have these - bespoke high end Business cards that introduces you in style and is a great talking point which highlights your authenticity and commitment to hemp and cannabis from the get go. You don't have to be working in the hemp industry to use these, you may be a business man that is switched on and wants the best. We can help with the design should this be required. 

White Label Roach  - Want to your own branded roach tips in several different paper formats from the standard bleach free FSC paper to the Pure Hemp. Make your brand stand out in the Hemp & cannabis marketplace by advertising yourself via the best hand finished roach tips in the world - simple yes, then why can't others get it right - smokers and tokers love a good roach book and ours are world-famous - now imagine your brand name on it being passed round and being seen by many people - In a band and looking for promotional material to throw out to the crowds that also has a use and switches people on - look no further- Quintessential White label roach tips. Also, available in varying book sizes and perforated if required. We Can assist with design work if required.

Ecommerce product warehousing and order dispatch / fulfillment - do you sell products online? Have you thought about outsourcing your dispatch to a third party. Don't trust your business to a cold dispatcher - we work within the Cannabis and hemp community and industry and understand how fickle e commerce can be - we have a proven service record and understand the art of fulfillment perfectly as you can see via our verified reviews. Free up a staff wage and let us do it on your behalf - we automate everything for you so you just do the customer service but no packer in your office is required - we offer great rates and are very competitive with almost no add on costs - simple, easy and cost effective order dispatching in the UK.  Take the stress out of the ecommerce with Quintessential.