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Terpene CBD Products Cornwall UK - We Have It All

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another Quintessential Tips product blog - this time on buying / purchasing high end Terpene products in the great Dutchy of Cornwall - nationwide & of course world wide.  Quintessential Truro has the best selection of CBD products in the UK plus we are always expanding which means we stock products from far and wide and due to our extensive contacts we can offer a range unlike any other seller on the UK CBD scene. We are also lucky enough not to need to b...
June 10 2017 0 Continue reading

Elements Slow Burn Hemp Rolling Papers - New Product Release

Hey all you smokers and tokers - there are a brand new range of Element rolling smoking papers hitting the UK marketplace this week and they are made by Elements who you will already know as a great alternative to the more mainstream and commercialised RAW products that have expanded beyond need in recent years. The elements range however are one of my favourite smoking papers to use - not only are they super thin and made from rice paper but they have one of the best water marks in the busin...
March 07 2017 2 Continue reading

E-liquids & Vape products in Truro Cornwall

Just a quick blog to let you all know that @ Quintessential in Truro Cornwall you can buy any e-liquid or vape product you require from all the best manufacturers. we are incredibly lucky to have good connection to all the biggest and best wholesalers and we are not tied into a certain product range. We keep a selection in stock of e-liquids and hardware plus coils etc but can get pretty much any vape product on next day delivery from our suppliers meaning you dont have to be restricted by wh...
February 15 2017 1 Continue reading

Terpene Infused CBD Dab Crystals & Crumbles Using Real Cannabis Strains

Hello People Welcome to another mind blowing blog from us in Truro @ Quintessential Tips. Its been a wee while since our last blog and we have been so busy its getting hard to find any spare time however today we make time to let you know about a brand new product range that we have on our site. This mythical product range is none other than the famous Synergy of Nature which is probably the finest artisan CBD extractions on the market in the UK today.   But what is Synergy's range all about ...
February 15 2017 0 Continue reading

We have stopped Using Myhermes and other shipping stories

Hello people, just a quick blog to let you all know that we no longer use Myhermes the so called leading expert in lost mail in the UK. We have now gone back to Royal Mail and we hope that this will lead to more delivered parcels and less time wasted with Myhermes who treated us awfully.   We will soon be introducing the 48 hour tracked delivery as the sole method of delivery - this will cut down on delivery time and will increase customer satisfaction - if you have any ideas or thoughts on d...
February 01 2017 0 Continue reading

New CBD Sample Packs - Try Cannabinoid Products With Great Savings

Have you ever wanted to sample various CBD or cannabinoid based products but have been unsure where to start. Dont fret though as this is not uncommon and with so many brands and strengths and product formats its not surprising that this industry can be a bit confusing to those looking to start their cannabinoid journey. Not only is it confusing but also very expensive if you make the wrong choice or go for the higher percentage products when you may not need to.  Of course as cannabinoid pro...
December 29 2016 2 Continue reading

CBG Oil UK - The Future of Cannabinoids in England

Hello people and welcome to another Quintessential Tips blog..... on cannabinoids. This time we are going to look at CBG in a bit more detail. This means we can talk about some of the things that we cant say on the product listings as we cant and wont try and sell a product as a medical item. But on the blog page we can talk more easily about the scientific findings and the usage of CBG cannabinoids in daily life and hopefully this will be of help to you in the future. Anyway enough of the in...
December 07 2016 0 Continue reading

Truro Gift Buying Christmas Guide 2016 - 5 Gifts Worth Giving & Receiving

Its fast approaching that time of year again folks when you need to start thinking about Christmas and presents for your loved ones and the in laws. So if you are a resident Cornishman or woman or just down in our awesome Dutchie visiting for the holiday season and are looking for something different to give as a gifts this year then pop on down to Quintessential Truro  located in the heart of The historic capital of Cornwall in what's known as the Artisan Quarter on Kenwyn street which is al...
November 24 2016 0 Continue reading

CBD E-Liquid Cornwall UK - what's on offer

Do you live in the awesome duchy of Cornwall UK and use cannabinoid products to vape with then pop in to you're local headshop and heartshop based in the historic capital of Cornwall Truro. Quintessential is one of the biggest retailers of hemp based cannabinoid products in the UK and our range is always growing so please if you do vape or are interested in cannabinoid cbd products come on down and visit us to see what we have in stock.      At his moment in time we stock 2 brands of cannabi...
November 14 2016 0 Continue reading

Superleaf - The Worlds First Vegetable Blunt Wrap

Sooo its here, the worlds first pure veg blunt wrap for hand rolling and smoking all your favourite legal smoking herbs and if you reside in one of the educated countries that allow cannabis then you can fill it with that and have a right old smoke however the UK is not one of those educated countries and our leaders are unelected uneducated idiots - bit harsh some might say but the truth is its not even close to being harsh enough. This blog is about superleaf and not the UK so ill end my mi...
October 19 2016 1 Continue reading

CBD reclassified as medicine in UK from November 1st 2016

So good people, here we are. I knew it would happen eventually but it did happen sooner than expected. The MHRA has reclassified CBD oil and associated products as a medicine and have given all UK retailers and CBD product manufacturers 28 days to cease trading. So you can say good bye now to 99% of all CBD companies trading right now in the UK by the end of the month unless a last minute reprieve is given or the the time scale made bigger.  In some-ways this is a good thing, right now we hav...
October 08 2016 5 Continue reading

Rolling Papers & Smoking Products - What to buy a stoner Christmas 2016

Yes the dreaded word has been mentioned, although I dont feel to bad as some of the local shops have already gone Xmas crazy straight after summer holidays ended and are already decked out in full Christmas battle rattle. But despite that it will roll round quicker than any of us wanted or expected, apart from kids, for them it will be a slow countdown till father Christmas wrestles himself down a chimney. But for us adults we may not get a a visit from a sweaty home invading fat man but we d...
October 05 2016 0 Continue reading

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