We are a 30-year-old Hemp based trading company who has a very good reputation and a history producing hemp products and bringing them to market. We are one of the few, if not the only CBD seller in the UK who has been involved with hemp for this long - We are a trusted Brand with many service reviews both on our website and on Trustpilot - we take your custom very seriously, and we try to preform as best we can so that you're buying experience is hassle free. If you ever have any concerns please email or phone us, and we will respond to you. We may like all people and businesses make mistakes but our intention is good and honest.
No - And we have No Medical Training. Which means we are limited in our ability to respond to many emails and phone calls, however just because we can't answer you in good faith does not mean we will ignore you or belittle you for asking. We are very busy and replying in a nice thoughtful way does take up a lot of our time and in the end we still say the same thing - No, and we can't recommend any products, please do your research and don't rely on anyone selling products or with a financial interest in CBD. Whatever the reasons for use - Consult a doctor or GP first. Anyone selling you CBD and trying to get you on higher strengths should be viewed with caution - as CBD is so expensive, unless you expressly want a high strength you should always start food supplementation in low formats first, so anyone who says "yes I can cure your Anxiety, here buy this 20 % product" is one way or another, dishonest. These products are natural food supplements or Curios only and we have not trained in medicine.
To Simplify this - Good, very good perhaps. Like all online traders we will lose some parcels to theft and damage and just general loss in the massive Royal Mail Network but 99.9% of all orders are sent and delivered on time, and we have tried as much as possible to cut back on any issues, so we now give the Royal Mail Tracked 48 service as our standard Free Delivery Method for the UK. So most mail is sent fully tracked with SMS message updates. Delivery times are 2/3 days on average but this is not a guarantee, just an estimate. If you buy from us, and we accept your order (upon Dispatch) then we will fulfill all our obligations to you with regard to delivery and product defects etc. if you check our reviews you will see we are held in good esteem by our customers and in the event of a problem we will assist you.
No - Not yet, we will when the law changes but until that point we have zero intention of breaking the Law - if you want to ask us if we do or to email us requesting illicit products you will likely not get an answer or if you do it will of course be a straight up no. All our products contain 0.2%THC or less and are all sourced from reputable suppliers.
We are very proud of our reviews - we try to give as good a service as we would hope to receive ourselves and we believe this is expressed in our third party verified reviews both on our website and on TrustPilot. We pay to ensure our reviews are verified as the review platform on any website that does not do this is open to faking reviews. We think that reviews are a great tool in the CBD consumers arsenal of information - still not to be taken as fact, but it will let you make more of an informed decision when purchasing CBD products. We do not pay anyone to make reviews or let people make blogs with referral links in it as this to is open to corruption. We hope you CBD consumers can see the difference between real and paid reviews and blogs. One is honest, the other is marketing. neither should be solely relied on.
Please contact us and as long as there is no issue for us to resell the product you can return it to us at your cost, and we will refund you - please note this will incur a £1 restocking fee to cover packaging and fees associated with the initial sale we will not get back.
99.9% of all UK orders arrive in 2/3 days from date of purchase. Please note This is not a guaranteed and parcels can take up to the maximum delivery time of 14 days from the due date. We realize you may be disappointed if the order comes later than 2/3 days but if you require a product asap then please choose the next day service which you pay for. We can only do so much, we do not have any control over the Post Office or Royal Mail - in the event the parcel does not come within 7 days please email us, and we will happily phone them and see if we can find out any more information. In the event that it does not come in the maximum time set by royal mail for UK deliveries then we will of course refund or resend as required, but we will not do this before the maximum delivery time has elapsed. We did do this but some people took advantage of our good nature and used it against us, so we are sorry, we have to follow procedure when dealing with late or lost mail - you can threaten us if you want but the timescale will not decrease. We are a small family business and our sole intention is to get you the order as quickly as possible, but we are still working with another business (Royal Mail) so as you will be well aware if you live in the UK and have ever used Royal Mail, from time to time shit can happen. We will always help you, but in line with the terms and conditions you agreed to by making the order with us!
Not in the traditional sense, no. The reason for this is its almost impossible to restrict how someone will act or behave to get a sale - if we paid someone to push our products, and they used peoples fear to help them then we would be no better than the person doing it. Look for yourself, most companies are doing this these days. They think that it's acceptable to let someone tell you how wonderful the product they bought from them was and how it cured them of all their ills. The person who wrote the blog / marketing may of not even used the product - as long as you click the link to the website, the writer gets cash and the manufacturer / seller gets a sale - and what have you got, false hope and less money. This is why we don't pay people to write blogs or sell our products for us via affiliate links.
Our own brand CBD products are made to our specification and are very competitive in pricing for the UK market. We only put our name on the best products - Certified CBD Content, Medical Claim Free and packaged in our own Pure Hemp Packaging - setting us far from the rest. If you like us and like what we do, we are sure you will like what we make.