Official Retailers

Below are links to retailers and wholesalers who can prove their supply chain even if they don't buy from us direct. The purpose of this official retailers page is to let all fans and customers know that the place they purchase Quintessential tips from all sell the real official products and don't sell fakes. Not only will you get fake tips and other products from these terrible retailers but the security of your card will be in question as the type of people who sell fakes and devalue other peoples products are the same people that will try to defraud you. So stay away from any website not on our list to avoid disappointment and potential fraud issues.

If you are a retailer who would like to be added to our list below please contact us and be ready to prove your supply chain and your prices to make sure they are in line with our RRP. Also, new for 2017 is the links back to our Suppliers of CBD Oils & associated products - if you wish to be added here please contact us. If you can do the above we are happy to give you a working do follow link to your website that will not only boost your website but it will also install faith in your customers that you are good retailer.

If you find our tips on any website that we don't list, or they are to cheap then they are selling fakes or trying to devalue our product, so please don't buy from them to avoid being ripped off. Again if they are not on the list contact us first to inquire if you will be buying counterfeit products. Also, by using any UK website that undervalues our products you run the risk of being defrauded as the people running them are not going to be kosher. 

Official Quintessential Tips Wholesalers

BKS Tradeline

Avalon Wholesale 

1Percent - USA 

Basil Bush

Tangy Gifts