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Quintessential Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Three Strengths

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QUINTESSENTIAL Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil Available in Three Strengths Everyday 5% Gold Full spectrum CBD Oil in a 10ml Bottle ( Pre Order - dispatching 5% early next week (10th...

CBD Content: 5% (EveryDay)

  • 5% (EveryDay)
  • 10% (Boost)
  • 15% (Full Power)
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183 reviews
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QUINTESSENTIAL Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil Available in Three Strengths

Everyday 5% Gold Full spectrum CBD Oil in a 10ml Bottle ( Pre Order - dispatching 5% early next week (10th July 2023)

Everyday 'Boost' 10% Full Spectrum Gold CBD Oil in a 10ml Bottle

Everyday 'Full Power' (15%) Full Spectrum Gold CBD Oil in a 10ml Bottle 

Quintessential’s first own-brand CBD Oil product is now available for sale. Although we have been involved with CBD oils and other Hemp products for many years now, recently we have carefully selected a CBD extract that is, in our opinion, one of the best you can buy to be our first branded CBD product. Quintessential Tips are committed to keeping costs as low and affordable as possible for our customers to be able to take on an Everyday basis. We have found that a 5% full spectrum oil to be the best strength for daily use and is a great way to prime your ECS or Endocannabinoid system ahead of the stronger percentages, should you prefer them. Quintessential also now provide a 10% CBD Oil (Boost) & a 15% CBD Oil (Full Power) These premier CBD Oils by Quintessential are the perfect way to supplement your diet naturally. The 10ml bottle contains approximately 200 drops of golden Cannabis extract and should be enough to last approximately 3-6 weeks depending on usage. Every bottle of 5% Essential CBD Oil product contains a guaranteed level of CBD (Cannabidiol) and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids (such as CBC – Cannabichromene, CBG – Cannabigerol, CBDV – Cannabidivarin, ß-caryophyllene) Before we offered our first branded CBD range, we wanted to be sure that we could bring our customers cannabinoid food supplements, made to the highest quality,  which is why we have used a top of the range Gold CO2 hemp extract, rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids and paired it with the most sustainable packaging possible. We are also very proud to be the first CBD Oil producer in the world to make the outer packaging from 100% Pure Hemp paper, which is tree-free and 100% sustainable.  Nowhere else will you find a CBD item boxed in pure hemp packaging. (more info on packaging below). We believe that if you try our cannabis/hemp-based natural food supplement you will see and feel the difference.  We cannot offer cures or medical claims, but we also won’t engage in anything but the best, which is why we have chosen the gold extract to make our first branded product from. All items purchased come with FREE, fully tracked UK delivery which usually arrives within three days or fewer. We hope you enjoy using our Golden CBD Oil but please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way regarding the products or our services. Please check out Trust Pilot to view our ‘excellent’ rating. We have provided more info below on the extract, including its usage and storage guidelines. We sell worldwide to the Public and are also happy to wholesale to shops, so please do make contact for further information.

The Golden Hemp extract we use in our signature natural food supplement has the following qualities. As dietary supplements Quintessential CBD Oils extracts are created entirely via the use of a solvent-free extraction process of the whole Cannabis sativa L. Hemp plant, a completely safe natural and legal hemp plant. All the ingredients of the Quintessential Gold CBD oil Range use extracts that are obtained with innovative equipment designed specifically for supercritical CO2 extraction of cannabis. This means that Quintessential CBD oil is one of the few companies in the UK & world utilizing gold-level Hemp extracts without the use of solvents, thermal processing (distillation) or enrichment with synthetic or crystalline CBD as can be the case. Our Gold Daily CBD Oil product contains the declared minimum guaranteed concentration of cannabidiol (CBD) – the main cannabinoid naturally occurring. The hemp used in the production is grown in a natural, environmentally friendly way without the use of any pesticides, giving you the best product from seed to bottle. Each batch of Golden hemp extracts is subject to detailed analysis at every stage of production, which ensures that the product is safe and guarantees its composition. Each batch is also controlled by external laboratory testing for microbiological purity including the absence of heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances, to ensure you only end up with the best product for you diet supplementation and support of your ECS (Endocannabinoid System) 

Our signature CBD oil, Everyday 5% full spectrum golden CBD Oil, contains the correct ratios of Cannabinoids for those looking to supplement their lifestyles and help defend against the rigours of daily life. Composition changes with each batch slightly but the below is what we aim for with each batch of Everyday CBD (cannabidiol): 5.2% is: CBDV (cannabidivarin) 0.07% / CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) 0.26% / CBG (cannabigerol) 0.79% / CBC (cannabichromene)0.32% / BCP (ß-caryophyllene) <0.02%

The Boost Everyday CBD 10% contains over 10% of CBD (Cannabidiol). Use this when you need a bit of a 'Boost', or when you wish to try a higher percentage oil for the first time.  This sought-after strength is offered at a very competitive price. Composition changes with each batch slightly but the below is what we aim for with batch of the Everyday Boost Product is: CBD: (cannabidiol): 10.4 CBDV: (cannabidivarin) 0.16% / CBDA: (cannabidiolic acid) 0.012% / CBG: (cannabigerol) 0.065% / CBC: (cannabichromen) 0.47% / BCP (ß-caryophyllene): 0.5%

The Full Power CBD Oil 15% is the perfect way to get high strength CBD and other hemp derived compounds into the body quickly and easily. As this 15% CBD Oil is very powerful, we suggest that if you are new to CBD, that you try the lower strength first. Composition changes with each batch slightly but the below is what we aim for with the Full Power Everyday CBD oil 15%: CBD: (cannabidiol) 15.5% / CBDV: (cannabidivarin) 0.24% / CBDA: (cannabidiolic acid) 0.038% / CBG: (cannabigerol) 0.12% / CBC (cannabichromen): 0.50% / BCP: (ß-caryophyllene) 0.19%

Why Use Our CBD Products -  If you have been a customer of ours you will know we do not use any type of underhand selling to get sales, we also are committed to the hemp and cannabis plant spending 30 years involved with the plants as the core of our business. When it comes to CBD products you may already have a go-to product or brand so why should you make the switch to ours - simply the price and quality. We were the first retailers of CBD to do free delivery letting people in the UK try products in the most cost-effective manner we could - now with our products, we have the same ethos - our oils are ultra-high grade cannabinoid oils that are full spectrum without the THC, that should be very competitive in terms of quality and cost for the average CBD consumer. Just because we won't tell you this is a cure or medical item does not make it any less potent or effective as an everyday food supplement. Check us out and see who we are  - your happiness is of our concern and our customers are not numbers, we always try to ensure the best possible experience for all who use us. We are sure that when you try and compare our Everyday CBD Oil Range, that you will be impressed and happy at the strength  Vs price ratio, and with the free UK delivery, it should be the best most cost-effective CBD oil in the UK. 

What makes our CBD Oil the best Cannabidiol Oil in the UK?

Quintessential Everyday CBD Oil is one of the best CBD Oils on the British market for the following reasons.

1. Quality: It's a full spectrum CBD Oil that is not made via a CBD isolate.

2. Price: Its incredibly well priced considering its quality and strengths 

3. Reviews: Highly rated by users of the Everyday CBD Oil - Read below 

4. Packaging: Packaged in pure hemp, it's committed to Hemp in a way other products don't. Making this is a highly authentic and relatable product for people who are eco-conscious. 

Packaging information: These days we are aware of the overuse of plastics and the sheer challenge of dealing with the problem of excess packaging. In response, we have diversified our hemp ranges to include packaging (and more). Beginning with our CBD range, we have created a UK Cannabis industry first by packaging all our own brand CBD products in 100% Pure Hemp packaging making it a sustainable product. Our commitment to the Hemp plant and the UK and worldwide Hemp / Cannabis movement has been well-established over 30 years, and we are delighted to be ahead of the curve again by packaging our range in a tree-free, bleach-free 100% Pure Hemp card box. When it comes to packaging and in a Business-as-usual approach, most companies will choose the cheapest option as they view their packaging as the ‘throw-away’ item. But there are consequences for this.

Quintessential Tips were the very first Company in the world to produce any smoking item from ‘bleach-free’ paper and we’re about to ‘change the game’ once again….and here are just a few important facts as to why we ARE the change: over 5 million trees a year are destroyed for paper production / 3 gallons of water are required to produce just 1 A4 sheet of wood pulp paper/wood pulp paper is the 5th largest consumer of energy and accounts for 4% of the world's energy use / Hemp can absorb 22 thousand tons of CO2 per year per hectare / An acre of Hemp produces 4 times the cellulose fibre pulp compared to trees / Hemp paper can be recycled 7/8 times compared to 3 times for wood pulp paper/ through phytoremediation Hemp has wonderful nitrogen-fixing abilities and requires little or no pesticides or herbicides to be grown….and there are way too many more reasons to mention them all here….so now you have a clearer picture…but what can you do about it? (see below)

Business Options: We are the authentic choice for anyone looking to change the way they package their products in the UK Cannabis Industry and beyond that arena as well. So if you’re looking to bring about a sustainable future and would like to package your ideas in a Pure Hemp box, or if you have another idea you would like encased in the most ethical and green of packaging materials, then please get in touch as together we can bring your ideas to life. Based in Cornwall, UK, we produce bespoke, fine quality Hemp Products and Packaging for the world to use, please click here for more packaging information.

We are thrilled to let you know that our Quintessential full spectrum  OilS are on the  public Novel Foods list, published yesterday by the Food Standards Agency. 
Grateful thanks to E.I.H.A. and their team for their hard working consortium in helping us make this happen. 

Usage Guidelines & Storage Instructions: Use Dropper to place drops under the tongue and hold for as long as possible. Suggested starting intake: 4 drops (equivalent to 10 mg of phytocannabinoids) two times a day. As it is a food supplement you will need to experiment with it to find what works best for your diet - we are not doctors or medically trained and despite the wealth of information etc regarding CBD and Cannabis coming out into the public domain we are not happy making medical claims or promises - this product is super high end and comes with our seal of approval but it is not a replacement for conventional medicine. The product can not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Protect from light. Keep out of reach of small children and SHAKE BEFORE USE! Ensure the lid and thread are clean of oils to ensure secure closure and easy opening. Other uses for this great golden CBD oil is to make it into a Topical product by incorporating a few drops of it into some organic coconut oil and mixing until combined and apply it to any high impact area of the body, but keep away from sensitive areas and the eyes.  You can also use our Quintessential CBD Everyday oils in baking and edible making which is another way to ingest the oil if easier for you.

Disclaimer: Quintessential Does not market or sell this product as a cure - we have no medical qualifications and will not make promises to get sales - we believe in our product and manufacturing and composition it contains and it can hold its ground and then some against any other brand of oil, however, please do as much research as possible before buying any CBD products and if you are intending to use it for medical reasons then please note you should seek the advice of a trained medical professional, not someone on Facebook or us. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Quintessential CBD Supermarket UK - Oil, capsules, Pastes, Edibles, Skin Care, Cannabis Concentrates & Much More. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

    • Quintessential Daily Golden CBD Oil For Everyday Use
    • 500mg CBD Content or 5% In Each Bottle of 'Everyday' Golden CBD Oil
    • 1000mg CBD Content in Each 10% Bottle 'Everyday Boost'
    • 1500mg CBD & Other compounds per 15% Bottle of 'Full Power' CBD Oil
    • Quintessential Full Spectrum CBD Oil - Gold Oil Tastes Better
    • 5 Star Rated Excellent By Our customers For Service
    • Certified & Tested CBD Products Which have been purified.
    • Quintessential Oral Golden CBD Oil For Sale
    • Can Be Made Into Topical CBD Product Using Coconut Oil
    • Not To be Smoked Or Vaped - Oral or Topical CBD Product Only 
    • Easy To Use and Ingest CBD Oil For sale
    • Glass Dropper Bottle Filled With Golden CBD
    • Premium Quality Golden CBD Oil For Sale From Cornwall UK
    • The Hemp Extract With Naturally Occurring Phytocannabinoids.
    • All Quintessential Products Use Extracts Produced By Supercritical CO2 Extraction Which is the Best Method Of Extraction
    • Quintessential Gold Cannabis Oil is Made Without Any Additives.
    • No Isolate Used In Production of This CBD Product
    • Hemp Used Grown Without Pesticides or Hormones  
    • Each 10g / 10ml Package Contains About 200 Drops.
    • Contains A Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and Terpenoids
    • Such As CBDV, CBDA, CBC, CBG, BCP, it Also Includes a Guaranteed Minimum of 500 mg of Natural CBD
    • 10ml Glass Bottle With Pure Hemp Outer Box For Authenticity 
    • Recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable Pure Hemp Outer Packaging
    • Non-Medical CBD Product - Food Supplement Only
    • Cornish CBD Oil & Botanical Company
    • Free Fast UK Tracked Delivery Using Royal Mail
    • Introductory Price
    • Price 5% Everyday Golden CBD Full Spectrum Oil - £22.99
    • Price 10% Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil - £44.99
    • Price 15% Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil - £69.99

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We ship items in the UK via Royal Mail's Tracked 48 service that usually comes in 2/3 days.

We also offer a next day UK service and very competitive international shipping.

Please read our full page on deliveries to ensure you understand the terms and conditions before ordering.

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Jeni b.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

a great product

Very good, easy to use. I take at bedtime to help me sleep better and for me anyway it's very helpful, if it continues I shall be back for more thanks.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Great product that helps.

The CBD helps with pain relief and with getting a better nights sleep.

Sue J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Great product

It helps me with migraine management. Great service.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Cbd 15%

Wow! Suffer Tietze pain and was fed up with all the pain killers - I was taking around 20 ibu and paracetamol a day now one naproxen if that plus my cbd.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Great product that helps.

The CBD is used to aid in getting a good nights sleep, and it does actually help with it.

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