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CBD Edibles & Cannabinoid Drinks

CBD, CBG,CBC,CBDa are but a few of the myriad of cannabinoids on offer and with more and more due to be released over the coming months and years it is great news that you can now ingest your favourite cannabinoids in a liquid or edible fashion so for those that dont like to put oil in their mouth or vape or take capsules can either drink or eat their CBD making it an easy way to ingest CBD and other cannabinoids while on the go in a very easy way that will not draw any attention to yourself if that is something you dont like doing. This range will be growing rapidly over the next few months and if you wish to see anything we dont have currently please just ask and we will get it in. Unfortunately due to the ingredients the cannabinoid sweets and drinks may not be as organic or natural as we would wish but if the method of ingestion is suitable for you then this may not bother you. We are looking to add organic natural low sugar cannabinoid sweets and drinks as soon as we can. please note we dont make any claims as to the medical effects of CBD and cannabinoids. They are sold as food supplements only.