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Contact Information for Quintessential Tips and CBD Oils

Contact Us 7 days a week by Email or Monday to Friday 10.30 - 4 by phone - you can also hit us up on our social media but for product or order inquiries please use Email if you want a quick response. (within 24 Hours) We do not answer emails or calls between Friday 4pm to Monday 9pm. 

We do not offer customer service through blog comments or through the ASK a Question function found on each product page - the best way is by email.

Please Note - that when contacting us either by phone or by email or any other method for that matter we will not be able to recommend any products for medical use. Please do not contact us expecting us to be able to do this. We have no medical training or right to advise you in this manner and the products we sell are not medicine or sold as such.

*If your query is order related, please have order number ready, so we can help you* 

If you are contacting us to try to get your products on our website please note, we may not reply or if we do it may not be straight away. The only way to get your products online on our website is to email us.  If the products are worthy then they will have a place on our site. If you believe in your products and brand please contact us.