Tokers are constantly looking for the best medium to take their smoking experience to greater heights, but smoking a joint is a go-to classic that never disappoints despite the vaporiser boom. Combusting the weed inside the rolled paper offers a fast and hard-hitting high, but the quality of the rolling paper itself can make or mar a budhead’s flight to cloud nine. 

What is a Rolling Paper, and What Role Does It Play In Your Overall Smoking Experience? 

Also known as blanks, a rolling paper is a sheet made from hemp, rice, straw, wood pulp, or flax to enclose cannabis flowers inside. Not all rolling papers are made the same, so we’re here to explore its different materials and what the difference makes for your smoking sessions: 

Types of Rolling Paper Materials You Should Know


One of the most common rolling paper materials to date, the vast availability of rice make it an affordable choice for mass-producing quality rolling papers. Rice also creates thinner paper, which is superior to other thicker alternatives since it promotes a slow-burning process. This allows tokers to maximise their joint, making it great for passing around with friends. 

Rice rolling paper is also considered to be relatively safer for your lungs since they’re made from all-natural ingredients, plus the thin characteristics mean it uses fewer materials compared to wood pulp papers, hemp, and more. 


Rice gives a clean taste, but hemp takes the cake for being one of the tastiest materials to smoke. It’s another all-organic material that offers a medium burn rate, though its advantages provide a better texture for a stronger grip. This makes it easier to hold for beginners, plus excellent for being an eco-friendly choice!

Wood Pulp 

Another established rolling material that has been a perennial favourite for centuries is wood pulp paper, the most popular and what smokers often see in dispensaries. It offers a nice texture due to its different blend of fibres, making it another great pick for beginners. 

Wood pulp papers also have a medium burn rate, though it’s not winning any hearts today as people grow more eco-conscious. Wood pulp doesn’t help save the trees, so its limelight is fading as other sustainable options like hemp dominate the stage.

The Bottom Line: Why the Type of Rolling Paper Matters For Your Smoking Sesh 

Rolling a joint takes skill, one that can take years to build your ability to roll a well-crafted toke. In addition to your craftsmanship, the type of rolling paper you use will also play a pivotal part in your smoking experience. If you want to dial your smoking sessions to the eleventh, using the right materials can help bring you to an out-of-this-world high. 

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