If you’ve been into smoking traditional hemp for some time and you think it’s time to improve your experience once and for all, you may want to upgrade to a dab rig. It involves using concentrated cannabis oil that guarantees you make the most out of your smoking session.

However, people who have never gotten their hands on a dab rig and have always stuck to traditional practices may find it challenging to make the transition. All you need to do is figure out how to operate a dab rig, which comprises three main parts—nail, glass piece, and torch lighter or you go digital with a Puffco Peak.

When you’ve familiarised yourself with a dab rig, you can look forward to better smoking sessions that can surpass settling for the traditional way. Keep reading below to learn about dab rigs and how to use them if you’re a beginner.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a device people use to consume concentrates through inhaling smoke. There are various concentrates available, such as hash, wax, shatter, resin, and rosin, to name a few. It’s similar to a bong, which many users may be more familiar with when they’re just starting.

With a dab rig, instead of a traditional bowl, it uses a chamber perched on top of a nail. The nail is an essential part of the rig because the moment it gets hot, it’s what you need to warm up the concentrate and smoke it all off in the end.

Steps to Use a Dab Rig Correctly

If you want to ensure all your CBD dab sessions are successful, it will rely on how well you prepare your setup. Besides your dab rig, you will also need a few things, including your chosen concentrate, a dab tool, and a butane torch. It typically takes ten minutes to prepare everything.

Pick Your Desired Concentrate

Selecting your concentrate is crucial because it will make or break your dab rig experience. What you choose will depend on your taste and preference. For best results, you should opt for a high-quality CBD dab, oil, or wax to meet your needs.

Heat the Nail of the Dab Rig

The next thing you want to do is grab your butane torch, light it up, and heat the nail of your dab rig. You can put away the torch only when you’re positive the nail is hot enough, which you can quickly tell the moment it becomes red.

Gather the Concentrate

Make sure the nail remains hot when you’re ready to do the next step. Now you can proceed with getting some of your chosen concentrates with the help of your dab tool. Avoid making a mess and dropping your concentrate, and focus on putting the concentrate you scooped up on the nail.

Inhale the Concentrate

Once the concentrate touches the nail, you will witness it melt due to the heat involved in a matter of seconds. That’s the only time you can pull on the mouthpiece of the dab rig and inhale all of the smoke you can get. 

Because of how the rig is built, you can only take in a couple of hits before running out of the concentrate you previously put. However, so long as you’re using a high-quality dab, you may not need to add more concentration because you can already find yourself enjoying your previous session.


It’s quite easy to learn how to use a dab rig. You just have to be patient, review the components, practice building your setup, or get an expert to show you the ropes. Remember the steps above, including picking your desired concentrate, heating the nail, gathering the concentrate, and inhaling it once it’s ready. 

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