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What are the best and most effective CBD E-liquids for sale in 2019?

What are the best CBD e-liquids and Vape oils to fill you atomizers or tanks with and what do vape enthusiasts prefer, terpene flavours or normal generic flavours? We will take a look into the good, the bad and the ugly of the UK CBD vape scene. Read on for what we have found to be the best CBD e-liquid products for sale on the UK market from our own experiences and that of our customers.  

The CBD market place is awash with good and bad vape products, and we will be talking about what makes a good CBD e-liquid and what consumers look for when trying to decide which ones to start with. This blog will be interesting to you if you are a CBD vape Noob or a hardcore cloud blowing cannabinoid Chronosuieur. We come from a non  nicotine e-liquid or vape background but are one of the pillars of the UK cannabis and hemp scene which means we can give you our perspective on what we are seeing transpire throughout this industry without the hype and glitz that often accompanies these types of blogs. All the products recommended below come from established producers who can verify their products and the manufacturing processes used. Unlike what you can find on eBay and Amazon sometimes. 

So what is an CBD e-liquid? Much like a traditional e-liquid, this is a liquid that is meant to be vaped in a Vaporizer pen, e-cigarette or mod device. Instead of having nicotine like normal e-liquids, the CBD version, much as the name implies has Cannabidiol in it but no nicotine at all. Users fill their tanks or atomizers with the liquid and can then directly inhale the vapour produced, into the lungs where the ingredients are absorbed for better or worse. This liquid will contain other ingredients like the base liquid,  usually CBD e-juices have a blend of PG & VG in a 50/50 ratio and flavourings, either generic or terpene based. However, some companies try to use more VG when possible. Vaping CBD is one of the quicker ways to ingest CBD into the body, but is it the best?

CBD e-liquids UK, what to use for beginner

Now, after a long look at product reviews etc you have your desired vaporizer for e-liquids also known as an electronic cigarette. You can now decide what to put in it. If you are already a vape user then it is most likely you will have a go to all day vape e-juice that you love and use. If this is the case you have two options. You can buy an extra tank or atomizer, so you will have one for your all day non CBD e-liquid that contains nicotine and one for your CBD which will be in a different flavour. Or you can use a CBD additive which comes flavour free which can be added into your pre-existing e-liquid tank and shaken for a few moments to combine with the e-liquid, thus making your normal e-liquid into a CBD version. Is Vaping CBD with nicotine right for you though. We would suggest you keep nicotine and CBD e-liquids separate. 

Vaping can also be more expensive than taking oil drops or other products because of the increased costs of the tech which can often let you down but once you have found a vape kit that you get on with and understand it, it will level out and you will not see overly increased costs from vaping CBD. It will assist you greatly to read product reviews and not go for too old or too new models of the vape kits, you will want for a beginner; something easy to use, easily replaceable coils and not a huge and outlandish device, like you often see people using. A pen style would be our recommendation for beginners looking to vape for the first time. Once you get comfortable with vaping CBD you can always buy new vape tech that catches your eye but to begin it's not required to spend loads to vape CBD. From our experience and that of some of our customers, vaping CBD is often considered an add on to the oil drops they take everyday. Vaping is a great way to ingest CBD on the go and in public as people will just think you are a nicotine user and pay you no mind when out and about (flavour dependent) which can't be said for oil drops as this nearly always creates a conversation if done publicly. For ease of CBD consumption we think vaping is right up there once you have got your head around how best to use the tech and regulate intake of the CBD e-liquid.

Picking which flavour of CBD e-liquid to buy is often down to either other peoples recommendations or the flavour which includes marketing and design of the packaging. The bright colours and slogans of the branding are enticing, but they are not an overall indicator of product or flavour quality, in fact its possible that the only real effort when making the e-liquids came into force on the design and packaging as this is what really sells them in a market place full of near identical products. So once you have settled on the brand that has caught your eye you will need to choose a CBD content that suits you to begin vaping with.

CBD's strengths in e-juices often start at 100mg and go up to 1500mg and sometimes beyond with varying increments in between. For most newbies we would suggest trying the smallest strength and size so if a company does multiple strengths and sizes, try it in the smallest, usually a 10ml size. Trial it effectively and see if you get on with it. What you do not want is a drawer full of quarter used e-liquids that cost you money but will not really get used up, go bad and have to be thrown away!

cBD Vape Oils UK - what to use

Warnings over CBD Vape products - please be careful when sourcing new CBD e-liquids, we get approached on a daily basis by companies who put together some fancy PDF making outlandish claims about their lineage in the cannabis industry and how they grow all their hemp in the UK etc - in short one of the problems with the UK CBD vape industry is that its infested with proper shysters who do not come from a cannabis background.. We suggest exercising caution with any brand that claims to be the best, or the market leader and look through the ingredients and ask for lab reports if not happy. You will be surprised how many products do not vary at all and are just white label e-liquids made with the least care and skill and the cheapest of ingredients. Like every other part of the UK CBD industry, not all products are created equally, marketed correctly or have any authenticity. You can be sure that the majority of companies manufacturing CBD e-liquids are not even interested in hemp or cannabis apart from the financial gain they seek to make which means ultimately that corners will be cut in pursuit of profits and you may end up inhaling the end result. 

So what are the best and most effective CBD e-liquids for sale right now in the UK? Our list below highlights the best vape juices around on the market right now that sell well and are loved by the users. No hype and no gimmicks, just e-juices combined with CBD to create a vape ready product for all vape enthusiasts to use for a variety of reasons. They do not have issues with production and are not made with a wooden spoon in a garage / industrial unit, these companies source and make their products to be tested and standardized, giving you an accurate level of what they offer and ingredients of a higher quality nature than you can find on eBay for a tenner. Like anything, you pay for quality, these brands below represent that and have value for money in our opinion. What you the user will find the most effective in vape oils is subjective but our list below comprises good companies that are great option for people looking to trial new vape liquids or are just beginning in the CBD vape world. Scroll down the page further to see our verified CBD-eliquid & vape Oil Reviews.

Koi CBD Eliquids & Vape Oils UK1.Koi CBD E-liquid - Koi CBD eliquid is very popular and niche e-juice as it can also be taken orally, this is one of the few e-liquids on the market that has dual usability which makes it a product that can be used in other situations when vaping is not possible. Koi also produces alongside its generic flavoured liquids a product called White Koi, White Koi is the flavourless CBD additive that can be mixed with your normal e-liquids to create your own CBD vape juices.  These products only come in 30ml bottles and are one of the UK's best value CBD e-liquids created in the USA by consummate professionals. 

Panda Kush CBD Eliquid & Vape Oils UK 2.PANDA KUSH - Panda kush is by contrast to Koi a terpene   based cbd e-liquid with some flavours reminiscent of popular   cannabis strains like Orange bud and Lemon Haze. Customers   report this brand as being one of the best terpene e-liquid they   have tried on the UK market and for good reason, the flavours are on point and the strengths are available in a good range to allow you to scale up should you feel the need to increase your CBD intake.

CBD Asylum CBD oils and elquids 3.CBD Asylum Sub Ohm Vape liquids range is a new addition to our stores but is proving to be popular. This high quality e-liquid comes in some great flavours including a great representation of the fruit loops cereal in the gone loopy CBD sub Ohm Vape Oil liquid. The range is solid and so is the flavouring, they may not be cannabis related, but they taste great and vape well which is at the end of the day what you want from your desired vape juice. If you have not yet tried this then it will be worth adding to your vape wish list 

CBD Dinner Lady Eliquids & Vape Oils UK4. CBD Dinner Lady is new to the CBD and cannabis markets in the UK, following on from the success of their Dinner Lady e-liquid range that became very popular  amongst vape users. It makes sense that they have moved into a market that is growing and have brought you their CBD Vape oils to sample. The flavours are generic and non terpene based but due to the mixologists at Dinner Lady HQ, you can be sure of an even and well-rounded vaping experience. This is another new brand to look out for in the CBD vape market place. Fill your tanks and start blowing clouds with CBD dinner lady. 

JuJu Royal CBD Eliquids & Vape Oils UK5. JuJu Royal is the brainchild of a Marley, in this case, Julian Marley hence the name JuJu Royal. This brand of CBD e-liquids are a flavourful rendition of a blend of generic flavours that should suit the fruity vape juice enthusiasts of this world. It comes in three great flavours and three CBD content strengths to give the vape user a real choice about which level they go in at with CBD when starting out. If you like fruity e-liquids then this brand endorsed by a member of the Marley family will likely be of interest to you. 

Amma Life CBD Eliquids & Vape Oils UK6. Amma Life CBD Vape Liquid was created by the Amma life team to add a vape ready product to their product range. Thus giving their fans who vape an option to use the products they have created. The vape liquid comes in a 10ml bottle in two strengths, 250mg and 500mg. The flavour is good and representative of a liquid made with active terpenes and cannabinoids. This is an authentic based terpene e-liquid without the hype or gimmicks often found in products of this nature. Trying it is a must if you want the best vape oils money can buy.   

Canavape CBD Eliquids & Vape Oils Uk7. Canavape CBD Eliquids, as you can see are highly rated by our customers, if you are looking for a Cannabis strain inspired CBD e-liquid they are a good option and come in glass bottles. They have both generic flavour options like bubblegum and menthol and terpene flavour options which use fruit terpenes to make up the profile of popular cannabis strains like white widow for example.

CBDLife Eliquids & Vape Oils UK 8. CBDLife CBD Eliquids and vape additives are another good UK brand CBD manufacturer. They have a e-liquid range and additives and are well priced, they also make the crystal calm range of CBD e-liquids so if you are wanting to sample other brands of CBD e-liquids, make sure you include them into your selection. This company makes generic flavoured e-liquids and vape oils only, so flavours like strawberry and mango etc. Customers report liking them and re buy the items as they use them as an all day vape liquid.