Can CBD Help you Sleep or make you drowsy

As you may know CBD or Cannabidiol (if using the full name ) has shot up in popularity with people and would be self healers everywhere. Some people want to try it for health reasons, others just want to see what all the fuss is about! But there is real evidence that a lot of cannabinoid users, use CBD as a natural alternative to over the counter medications for help with such issues as anxiety, stress and depression but did you know that some of the main issues that we see customers using CBD for is sleeping disorders or issues surrounding sleep.

Getting a good nights sleep and being rested is part of living a healthy life and it's often those with broken sleep patterns that suffer with other issues as a knock on effect, like suffering with fatigue during the following day or possibly eating poorly. The knock on effects of not getting a good restful sleep are many, and we want to know whether cbd can help you sleep or make you drowsy like customers report.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become exceedingly popular because people are tired, (excuse the pun) of taking over the counter medication which can often have unforeseen consequences, like addiction to sleeping pills or sedatives. These may have long term health complications from prolonged use so people who wish to aid there sleep are always looking for a natural route to take which is why CBD and natural remedies are gaining so much ground. But can CBD help you sleep or make you drowsy?

Cannabis contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)  and THC is famed for both its sedative effects and its natural health properties but many people want to have the sedative effects without any feeling of intoxication. This is why CBD has risen in popularity for sleep disorders, with no intoxicating effects and of course it's legal which makes it much more accessible for most would be users. Consumers have reported that even in low doses they have found that the high grade products can help with rest and relaxation and even if it's a placebo the desired result is often attained. However, we must stress that everyone is different and you may not get what you want from CBD so always read and research before buying it as despite the reviews and the amount of info available, it may not be right for you or it could make you more energized, you will need to experiment further.

sleep well with CBD oils and cannabis products

It may help you, if you suffer from sleep disorder issues resulting from high stress environments, anxiety or general depression to also think about changing your diet, of which CBD is just a part of it, make sure you reduce sugar and processed fats and cut out alcohol and increase organic, vegetables and fruit. This change in diet and food supplementation can also be mixed with exercise which will increase your ability to overcome the anxiety and depression a lot of people suffer with. 

As we have personal experience of sleep disorders we thought it may help others to hear how it effects us and what we do about it. Remember you are not alone and many people have mental health issues and resulting sleep disorders from it. I (the writer) suffer from sleep issues brought about by chronic stress, it does not happen every night but on average 3 times a week will have real problems falling asleep and then staying asleep. I have found that taking CBD an hour before bed helps me attain a long and restful sleep and on the days I do not have it, I am more likely to have a sleep issue that evening. Often the stress and anxiety would culminate in a choking sensation when falling asleep and this according to doctors is something many people deal with daily and is stress related. Sleeping well is not to be taken for granted as it really is the foundation to our well-being.

Its also worth knowing a bit more about sleep stages though to get an idea about what you need and require on a nightly basis. People have five stages of sleep that they can go through. Sleep stages 1 to 4 are known as non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages and stage 5 is what’s called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which is when we do our best dreaming. Each sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, but the exact amount of time people spend in NREM and REM stages varies from person to person and can be dependent on other factors which may lengthen or shorten it.  

Most of us so called adults will probably require around 8 hours of sleep a night but as you will know many of us do not get that, it is closer to being 5-7 hours a night and if you have young children this will be significantly less. Kids need more sleep and older generations can get by with less but the aim should be 8 solid hours sleep a night, something many of us will feel is not going to happen due to sleep disorders and anxiety and stress creeping in. Another sleep tip is to knock all phones, TV's and blue screens on the head at least an hour before bedtime as this can also add to the issue. Sleep deficiency is a serious issue if ongoing and can have real detrimental effects on mental and physical happiness for all involved. But can CBD help you sleep or make you drowsy?

Research has shown that CBD can assist with regulating the sleep cycle. You will need to experiment with your dosing of CBD to find out what works for you though and there is no guarantee it will help you. Some people find in low quantities it can waken them up and give energy and in higher doses it can help with falling asleep but you will need to experiment with this to reach a point of equilibrium for yourself and there is no hard and fast dosing guide specifically to treat your sleep disorder. It may be worth thinking about CBD products which also contain the terpene profiles from Indica Cannabis plants which are also famed for their sedative effect, together the CBD and the terpenes may give you what you require via the entourage effect of the CBD and terpenes working in synergy.

So in answer to the question, can CBD help you sleep or make you drowsy, Yes but its not sold as a definitive sleep cure and you should be wary of putting all your faith in CBD as the cure for your sleep disorders. if used alongside a healthy diet and exercise then this can really make an improvement to you sleeping patterns. Should you wish to try CBD oil for yourself and see what all the hype is about, please do try in small amounts in an oil format, vaping and other secondary methods of ingestion are also possible but oil or edibles will be the best way to ingest CBD long term. As a fellow sufferer from sleep disorders I can say that it will get better over time and CBD is just one of the many different routes you can take when trying to alleviate the symptoms of bad sleep, trouble falling asleep and non restful sleep. Check out or range of night-time specific CBD oils and teas here but please note we do not claim this will fix you, if you think its worth a try then we have a great range of products that will be sure to interest you. You can also check out the video below to see a cannabis vs sleeping pills vid which may be of interest.  We wish you a great night sleep. 😪