Why the most progressive CBD & Cannabis Companies use Hemp Packaging

Simply put, you can't afford not to. If you operate in the Cannabis or CBD marketplace and you are not having your products packaged in Hemp, you send a clear message to your switched on and conscious customers and potential customers that you are willing to compromise on quality, they know and expect you to live up to the hype and having the right packaging can really assist you stamp your authenticity on what ever industry you want to enter your products into.

It's actually a great way to see who is authentic in this industry and who is just paying lip service to the plant. Who would create a CBD product only to bypass hemp as it costs more than cheap paper materials that are full of bleaches and chemicals? People with no love of Hemp or cannabis or our natural living world, that's who.

However, there is real change now as more and more companies understand that making a product and sticking CBD on the side is not enough to succeed, you need to put your money were your mouth is and walk the talk. If you love hemp, cannabis and CBD then demand from your chosen manufactures that they stop making packaging out of non hemp materials or better yet, switch to companies that do respect and love the hemp plants. You can be sure that products made by forward thinking companies will be far better in terms of quality as the passion is not limited to shifting units of stock, its not stock to them, its very personal. 

Hemp product packaging- we can help you succeed

Hemp Fact: Did you know that since growing hemp requires so few noxious hormones and chemicals, it’s environmentally viable and a legitimate alternative option to many of our everyday items that we use and consume. For example, for every two to three acres of land that are necessary for growing cotton, hemp can grow the same amount of viable product on just one acre. The world is at risk from a plastic pollution problem of massive proportion. Tons of plastic are currently floating in the ocean, slowly breaking up into micro-plastics that poison and degrade the food chain and pollute the water and this effects us all. Hemp can also be used as a biodegradable alternative to plastic. 

Another reason to use hemp is that its BPA free, did you know that BPA (bisphenol A ) has been found in recycled papers? But how did BPA get into recycled paper, according to researchers it is most likely to come from the fact a percentage of recycled paper is made using papers that contain a thin coating of powdered BPA which is used on some kinds of heat-sensitive paper, like cash register receipts, shipping labels, and lottery tickets which we humans handle on a almost daily basis.

Researchers have estimated that tossed thermal paper contributes about 33.5 tons of BPA to the environment each year on average with roughly 30% of the thermal paper winding up being recycled which introduces BPA into many different types of products and items. This is worrying because according to researchers from the journal Environmental Science and Technology, BPA is chemically similar to the hormone estrogen. It has been linked to problems with reproduction and sexual development, to behavioral and developmental problems in young children, and to some kinds of cancer. Not what any of us want in our life. 

After the successful launch of our Signature CBD oil Range, the Everyday Golden CBD Oil which was the first cannabis product and retail consumable worldwide to use paper hemp for its outer packaging. Quintessential has made Hemp packaging and products for some major companies and you can check out the success of our own CBD oils by checking the products verified, non-incentivised  reviews. You can really make a statement of intent by using hemp, a call to action to the switched on and the climate conscious, who can see through the hype and who choose to spend their money wisely. 

Hemp is the future for us all, it's a sustainable plant that has so many uses. Just type it into google and start reading. Choosing products that use materials that don't add to the damage to our world is going to be part of making a big difference. Humans like to consume, if we are to survive we must learn to do so in a way that harms our environment as little as possible. Using hemp is just one of many ways we can all make an impact to help effect real change. Make sure you lobby your favourite brands, both cannabis and hemp orientated and also in the wider consumer product market from beauty products to hygiene products and everything in-between. They can all have the outer packaging made out of a green eco friendly material, if they are truly an eco conscious brand, a small increase in packaging costs are not a high price to help make a difference. We must all be the change we wish to see. 

Use Hemp for victory and package your goods in it