Why should you use Quintessential CBD Oils and products? Simple - if you are looking for the highest of high grade Hemp products then you can't use anything else - what we do is simple - we Love Hemp. And this love transfers into the own brand products we make and the way we sell all the products on our site. We have a rating of Excellent on Trustpilot and over 1000 combined, verified reviews spread over our website from real people.  We also package all our own brand products where possible in pure hemp packaging. Quintessential is the ecommerce / Cannacommerce Hemp platform of the UK with over 300 in stock products and a fast, free, tracked delivery over ten pounds. Thank you for reading our beginner's guide to taking cbd oil for the first time. We hope it makes your journey a little less daunting, remember everyone will go at their own pace and any seller trying to get you to go higher or making medical claims is a shyster and should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately the UK market place has many, many bad sellers and unless accredited by the British Hemp Association, their principles and commitment to anything other than money will be paper thin, not in all cases, but sadly most. This was why we set up the Quintessential CBD supermarket style store - to allow people a safe space to buy products with no fear of being up sold to, we also were the first company to offer free delivery in the UK on this style of product making it possible for more people to try CBD products at lower prices. Read our verified reviews here before reading our first time user cbd oil guide. 

First Steps: Often people hear about CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil through word of mouth, this is changing with product placements and paid advertising becoming an option but word of mouth either in person or through internet referrals on Facebook forums or other internet based information sharing services are usually the way most people come across this natural food supplement. As a consumer or would be cannabinoid supplement user you need to take a moment and step back before buying anything. Not all CBD or Cannabis / Hemp derived products are created equally. Some don't contain the right or stated concentrations of CBD and some are made from isolate which is just the isolated CBD Cannabinoid and is not full spectrum. So how do you know, what is what - read on for more info, however as prospective Cannabis consumers, please do your research as thoroughly as possible before committing yourself to a purchase.

Picking a CBD Oil Or Cannabinoid Product for the first time: So you have done as much research as you can possibly take and read the first page of Google on every subject you can think will help you, you now need to choose a product.You have not been a sheep and gone with the first thing you have come across or believed the hype. But now you need to bite the bullet and try a product  - the product you buy and the way you take it will be very important to the effectiveness of your desired hemp food supplement and you may end up trying several brands or products till you hit your sweet spot and then can settle down long term. As you would perhaps with any natural food supplements from Cod liver oil to Vitamin C. Once you have found the product of choice you will be able to begin trying to regulate its usage for overall cost-effectiveness over a period of time.

Trialing CBD Oil or Products: The first time can be daunting, but as long as you have done you due diligence, checked the certifications and done the research then trialing it will be the next step, and while the product may or may not be the right one, if you trial it properly you won't end up in a situation of vagueness. Over the course of our time selling CBD oil, which is from the beginning of the scene in the UK, we have picked up info from many of our customers and have found that the best way in our opinion is to go old school and keep a usage diary  Dosage times, amounts and any other important info relating to the food supplementation experience so strength of cbd and mg of cannabinoids consumed etc. Doing it this way will mean less overall spending in the long term and hopefully a quicker understanding of what is right for you..

CBD Product Picked but how to Consume it Properly: So you have chosen a product, but now you use it every day and you think you like it but would take a stronger one be better - in most case's no, it will cost you more so instead of spending more money, perhaps increase daily mg intake of your chosen product before upgrading strength. As you are now a CBD diary user, this is an easy thing to accomplish as you will be aware of your current dietary supplement daily levels. We have found Cannabinoid consumers of ours have said this method is great one for keeping costs doesn't overall as one of the main things CBD is, is expensive. Manged properly, it can be incorporated into your daily food regimen without breaking the bank.  

After Trialing of Chosen product you will have probably come to a conclusion of what you think about the said product. You can be happy that either way you gave it a fair trial and your outcome has not been impeded by taking it too quickly or too slowly or with to many many inconsistent amounts. It's all about streamlining what works for you and the diary is going to be key - after a while you will get all this down and no doubt become an aficionado in cannabinoids, but for people looking to try CBD or hemp and cannabis derivatives the use of the diary and common sense will be key. We hope this helps you on your journey.