CBD Oil is making big waves amongst the alternative health community with science ready to back up many of the products claims as being fact. Can you afford to not pay attention to this new and exciting natural food supplement derived from hopefully Organic Industrial hemp. When we talk about CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBDa (Cannabidoiolic Acid) we are talking about the extracted cannabinoids that have varying function within the body. Up until quite recently people or rather scientists believed that CBDa was a minor cannabinoid playing a small role in the overall cannabinoid profile of hemp. With subtly higher amounts beeing seen in certain strains. Just like THCa (THC), when heated up CBDa decarboxylates; as THCa becomes THC, so CBDa becomes CBD. Like CBD, CBDa is 100% non psychoactive. And while there hasn’t been a huge amount research done on CBDa yet, the research that has been done is quite interesting . CBDa appears to have anti-emetic effects as well as anti-proliferative effects, making it ideal for fighting cancer and It also has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory and to possess anti-bacterial properties making it very interesting to people who have problems that regular medicine that is costly and riddled with side effects may or may not help.


A chart about the benefits of CBD & CBDa
image from the Leaf online & Halant Laboratories

This Blog is not meant to get you to stop using regular medicine and does not claim that CBD or CBDa is a cure for anything, but it is a really new and exciting natural health food supplement that has the ability to alleviate pain and sickness in a natural way that does not do further damage. However before starting any new supplement we recommend doing plenty of research and talking to your GP about any future changes. The main points of CBDa are listed below :


Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth


Anti-Emetic – Reduces vomiting and nausea.


Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically.


Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.


CBD molecule extracted from pure organic hemp
Image from Sensi Seed Bank


Ways To ingest CBD & CBDa Oil & Extracts 


  1. Oral 

This is the most common method of ingestion for people and is simply the act of dropping some drops under the tongue or mixing the CBD oils with a smoothie etc to hide the taste. Its effective but you may not have 100% uptake – While there are some people who cant or wont take supplements orally, the majority of people will ingest CBD & CBDa extracts using this method. either hold the drops in the mouth to aid absorption or rub the CBD paste into the gums.


2. inhalation – Vape CBD

We strongly recommend doing plenty of research into vaping CBD oils and would even recommend you make your own using a premium CBD oil or ectract like the ones from Endoca & mixing them with your own bases etc as this is one of the only ways to get clarity of what you are using. unfortunately the Vape scene is not regulated in any real way and the re-sellers of cbd based e liquids are at best trying to jump on a bandwagon in the right way and at worst making money selling something with no factual based evidence as to how the hemp was sourced, how it was extracted and the terrapins contained within the vape liquid. For this reason we suggest only buying vaping CBD products from proper dedicated vape stores who have a long history in the UK vape market – personally I would not buy anything from a website dedicated to smoking as they are not trying educate and enhance peoples experience, they are trying to make money so the end product may not be great compared to dedicated CBD vape stores. Saying all that if you can get a quality CBD or CBDa e-juice then you will find that this may be the best method of ingestion if for example your main problems are part of the upper repository tract, however as with the oral method of ingestion this will not be suitable for everyone.


3. CBD in Suppository Form 

This is not anew way of taking pills and medication and suppositories have been used for a long time, as with the other methods there will be those who cant or wont use suppositories perhaps for medical reasons, but more likely because of the stigma attached. We recommend this way of taking CBD as its up to 70% better at taking up the cannibinoids needed at a faster rate. In fact we believe that rectal insertion of Raw hemp CBD is one of the best methods of ingestion and the product of choice will be the Endoca CBD Hemp suppositories.