Vaping has peaked, its so prolific that we even saw an old biddy the other day chugging on a kanger sub tank blowing massive clouds of vapour. And if its reached that far into society you can be sure there are going to be websites and stores that are leaps ahead of the competition. And going into 2016 there is really no room left for rubbish retailers devaluing e liquids and products while they desperately try and turn a buck at someone else's expense. 


This type of dodgy dealing illegitimate fly by night selling is not limited to the vape industry but as its still an un regulated market it seems as though all the shysters have come together for an almighty race to the bottom, with no thought to the customer or thier health, they will sell anything or try to using any gimmick they can. Why, because they have old stocks of e liquids rapidly spoiling on there shelves and not enough trade to make there business model viable - there is one company in particular who has expressly become the laughing stock of the British vape scene. 5 years to late to the party they bought in a load of products with no prior knowledge of the industry and thought all they had to do was undercut all the legitimate competition to gain an advantage. Well nearly a year on from their foray into selling vape stuff, they have succeeded in pissing off many customers through shady business practice and totally inappropriate sales techniques to become the raspberry of the vaping world. Why are we telling you this you ask and what's the name of the company, we are not going to tell you although if you go through the vaping forums the UK's worst rated vape company will be evident. Its a shame actually that people need to behave in this manner, whatever happened to pride in what you do.


All you need to know is that if the company is good we will of listed it below and linked to it as there are some really special websites and stores across the UK selling really high end e liquids and products related to vaping that are honest, reliable and are not in this industry to make as much money as possible. Our selection is hand-picked from the cream of the crop and of course as standard will include Totally Wicked as its taking the bull by the horns and putting its money on the line for the future of all British vapers.


As ever we recommend only purchasing vape related products from dedicated vape stores that sell only vape equipment, if its a jack of all trades you can be sure its the master of f**k all. And most definitely never buy e liquids from stores that still promote smoking, its so incredibly the wrong message to be sending to people,after all the idea is to stop smoking tobacco not carry on.


You might think that as a website that sells smoking accessories we have no place in the vape scene either and you would be right, we don't sell vape related products on our store, we do however vape religiously and have cut out tobacco and rolling papers through using them and as such would consider not all but a few of the staff hardcore vapers who have built and build there own mods etc. We recommend that if you do smoke that you use as natural a product as possible to do so and that means of course our brilliant roach tips and recycled rolling papers etc and stay away from the mainstream products that will still use bleaches and chlorine etc. But if you dont smoke and vaping helped you quit our info can still be of help because our reconsiderations have come from trial and error and also from having a wide network of vapers and smokers from which we can draw information from. 

Remember only buy from dedicated vape stores


Totally Wicked


We recommend this company and its own range of e-liquids for the simple reason they are passionate vapers and are dedicated to the trade they dominate and there customers. Not only that but as mentioned above they are doing something selfless for the vape industry and should be rewarded and thanked by grateful vape users for the time and effort and not to mention money that is being spent trying to battle the TPD.  Also it has to be said that there website and horny devil dude are very cool and easy to use making checking out a simple and effortless procedure.



Vape Club

This company have the best selection of e liquids in England and there customer service is second to none. Not only that but there website is very easy to use and navigate and they don't rely on gimmicks to sell their juices. Take look at the reviews online and on their Facebook page before you buy to see why they are so highly rated, its not often that a vape company is that well received by the vaping community. Also don't miss their give-away, its great to win a freebie or two in the vape world. One of England's best known and reviewed e-juice retailers with the best selection and prices available.