The seed used for creating CBD products greatly influences the final yield. Feminized cannabis seeds produce female plants, while auto-flowering seeds produce both male and female plants. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. This is important for farmers growing for medicinal purposes, as only female plants produce CBD in many medicinal products. Let’s learn more about feminised and auto-flowering seeds and how they produce unique CBD products.

First, the Auto-Flowering Kind

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds produce flowers instantly without the need for renewed light cycles since most cannabis plants must have a change in light cycles to facilitate change from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage. This is where auto-flowering seeds are superior since they can blossom using the same LED light! 

However, lighting is just one aspect. Farmers still need to set up the right growing conditions and provide the necessary micronutrients for the plant to thrive.

Follow It up with Feminised Seeds

These are cannabis seeds that have been bred to grow into female plants. This is done by putting the female plants under stress, which causes them to produce germination. The trouble with regular seeds is they can grow into male or female plants, so if farmers do not want your males to fertilise females, they must manually discard them. Feminised seeds eliminate this need as every plant is female.

Comparing, Contrasting, and Choosing

Feminised and auto-flowering cannabis plants have a few distinct advantages over regular seeds. For one, they are designed to prevent pollination from male plants. This is especially helpful if farmers want to avoid cross-pollination or keep plants pure. Additionally, these plants mature faster and have a shorter life cycle. This can be beneficial if they're looking to harvest your crop quickly or don't want to wait for the plant to fully mature.

  • Dispersal: Unfortunately, auto-flowering plants cannot be cloned, so farmers must purchase new seeds every time. On the other hand, female seeds can achieve cloning and have as many plants as needed. Experts also note that auto-flowering produce is less potent than those from feminised seeds.
  • Growing: Cannabis cultivation for CBD products requires specific knowledge to produce consistent, high-quality products. Farmers who specialise in a particular strain or variety of cannabis are more likely to be able to provide the best results. So before farmers can start their garden, it is important to educate themselves on the different strains of cannabis and their specific requirements.
  • Actual Yield: Both feminised and auto-flowering seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, auto-flowering seeds mature faster and can provide two harvests in the same period that feminised seeds need to flower. 

Nonetheless, this rapid maturity comes at the expense of harvest quality. Feminised seeds produce bigger buds and THC-rich trichomes, so outline your needs to understand what each variety offers. Auto-flowering seeds may seem appealing if planters only have a small space because they can be harvested twice, but both seed varieties are also perfect for indoor setups with a small growing area.

In short, farmers get quantity over quality with auto-flowering seeds, while feminised seeds produce quality and quantity if they can wait long enough.


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