Unfortunately research chemicals are still being sold by unscrupulous people in the Cornwall area to young and vulnerable people with little to no thought to how the products they sell are effecting other people. 

With the law soon to change, many of the producers of the research chemicals will be throwing everything and the kitchen sink into these miscellaneous pills and powders that while not being sold for human consumption, are certainly marketed towards young people. This means its a game of Russian roulette as to the effects you may get.


Accompany said marketing with scummy men looking to exploit people and you have recipe for disaster. Quintessential Tips recommends not using legal highs or research chemicals because of the unknown nature of the product and the strange people that sell them. Taking the info on-board, would you really want to spend your hard earned money on a product made in a bath tub for a fleeting high followed by a horrendous comedown that has the possibility to put you in a hospital ward.



If your a young Cornish person or anyone for that matter, please think twice before buying and using any pills and powders offered to you by greasy shady people. They want your money and your well being is not a concern. ~Think safety at all times and if you or your friends are encountering difficulties while using the research chemicals please contact the emergency services straight away. You need not feel ashamed for buying something that should never of been sold to you in the first place.