There are many, many uses for hemp, in this blog we are going to look at how the uses for hemp out way the need to use other un-sustainable sources of material when this plant has everything we as humans need for future production of our vital resources. 




The Hemp plant is a versatile and adaptive plant that can be grown with ease in many different soils and climatic conditions and does not need harsh fertilizers and pesticides to ensure a bumper crop, instead it can be used as a break crop in between more hardcore agricultural sown plants when the land is left to recover. This means the rate at which crops can be grown and the cost of doing so is very easygoing both on nature and your pocket. And its not like this is new news in any way, after all the oldest found relic of human civilization is a piece of hemp fabric that dates back to 8000 BC, so its use has a very long history behind it.



And in terms of use hemp is ( excuse the pun)  leading the field in every item that's made from it when compared against its un-natural counterpart, for example Hemp fabric is over six times stronger than cotton and is rated as a harder wearing yet more lustrous material. It is for this reason that even the Roman's in Britain had Hemp production as a vital part of the empire and its production within the united kingdom has continued all the way up to about 1945 when we assume that the USA petrol chemical industry figured out that it would be better to have fossil fuels run vehicles rather than run them on Hemp ethanol ( or Hethanol as I call it). Henry VIII even made the production of Hemp in England mandatory as the Navy at that time needed all the hemp to be made into rope to help us continue colonising the globe.


You can juice hemp leaves, eat the seeds and generally promote your health and well being. Hemp seeds are now considered a super food and your local health food store will stock them, at a higher price due to super food status. Approximately 35% of the Hemp Seed content is oil. This Hemp oil contains roughly 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs) comprising 50 – 70% Linoleic Acid (LA), 15 – 25% Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) and 1 – 6% Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). It is also very rich in EPA which has been seen to help with ADHD.  Basically eating and using hemp within your daily diet is a good thing and will help cure ailments and restore your bodies natural defences that do take a beating from everyday modern life.


It is the plant of miracles and if there was ever a plant that had the ability to save the human race it is hemp, all we have to do now is continue to raise its profile and expose its true virtues to the mainstream sheeple who still assume that hemp is cannabis and not something very different, of course 75 years of propaganda by the USA and England has not helped matters much and it would seem that this as usual has nothing to do with health etc but instead money has and always will be the dis-siding factor in how information is disseminated to the general public.


Dont forger our future depends on its continued use