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What Practical Uses for Hemp Are Available - Cornish Hemp Blog

There are many, many uses for hemp, in this blog we are going to look at how the uses for hemp out way the need to use other un-sustainable sources of material when this plant has everything we as humans need for future production of our vital resources.        The Hemp plant is a versatile and adaptive plant that can be grown with ease in many different soils and climatic conditions and does not need harsh fertilizers and pesticides to ensure a bumper crop, instead it can be used as a ...
July 13 2015 1 Continue reading

Hemp 4 Life - A Smokers Guide To our Hemp Future

When it comes to Hemp its been a long hard road from the days of the emperor where's no clothes to what we have now, an almost fully fledged industry which is about far more than just smoking. Bags, clothing even building materials are the future and boy have they made progress. when I was young hemp was seen as the same thing as cannabis ( we are not going to tell you the difference here) but slowly with more and more people understanding that the future of the human race is dependent on sus...
June 06 2015 1 Continue reading

Quintessential Smokers Tips - Top 5 Best Hemp Smokers Products

The Countdown to the top 5 Hemp smokers accessories excluding ours roach tips, we do have an unfair advantage lol but Willie waving aside there are so many different types of accouterments when it comes to smoking you have to ask yourself if they are all good. so without further ado we bring you 5 very different items that rock. Have a butchers you might like it.    5. The Bong Travel Case  This elegant and stylish bong bag is the perfect partner when hitting the road on a mission. Fully pad...
May 30 2015 1 Continue reading

Quintessential Tips Blog

Welcome to our blog section. This is where we write a lot of interesting articles about our brand and other relevant industries. From Hemp to Eco tourism, our blog will encompass the best that eco alternative minds have to offer. We love comments and interaction so please go ahead but no spamming our comments section and please only good vibes or constructive criticism, if you want to hate please do so elsewhere.

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