The Countdown to the top 5 Hemp smokers accessories excluding ours roach tips, we do have an unfair advantage lol but Willie waving aside there are so many different types of accouterments when it comes to smoking you have to ask yourself if they are all good. so without further ado we bring you 5 very different items that rock. Have a butchers you might like it. 


5. The Bong Travel Case 

This elegant and stylish bong bag is the perfect partner when hitting the road on a mission. Fully padded I would be happy to put my trusted RooR bong into it without worrying if it would survive the journey. Another great feature is the adjustable shoulder strap making it ideal for any body to use. Its got a single zip entry system with an internal drawstring to close the top opening which hides the really cool removable accessories storage kit that's fastened with durable Velcro strips, this makes it very easy to get at all the needed tools inside that you need to do that vital on the go bong maintenance plus more room for down pipes and grommets etc. This is made by Pure Sativa     


The bag is 47cm High and 19.5cm wide and perfect for use with Boost Bongs available from Quintessential Truro's Shop 


4. OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

These papers are a step above the rest, not only are they organic hemp but they are also Lignin free. Unlike the majority of rolling papers around that call themselves natural, organic etc, the OCB rolling paper company who are famed for their historical paper achievements have produced something that is natural organic and bullshit free. The result is an easy to use smoking paper with an authenticity that is often copied but never equaled. they come in king slim size, regular and double reg packets for your smoking and rolling convenience. Why have they made it onto our top 5, this is because they stand head and shoulders above the rest due to the manufacturing skill implemented and as such we believe although a simple product, its worthy of note. After all nothing beats rolling one up using Quintessential Smoking Tips, together they make a great smoking combination that allows you to get the full flavour that was intended from your chosen legal smoking mixture.


3. Hemp Wick By Hippies

Do you love using hemp wick, we do and our favorite brand of the wick to use is by Hippies the handmade original lighter alternative. In our honest opinion the Hippies wicks work well and come full of the authenticity you would expect. Unlike RAW who will jump on any bandwagon, these guys are the pioneers and as such you get a feeling that this is produced because they believe in the product and what it stands for. And to top it off all the products are handmade so no commercialized production methods, just honest hard work that makes this hemp wick the very best. They also do a whole range of other great products so either pop into Quintessential Truro to see our range or head to Hippies direct to see what hemp goodies they have in stock. From hemp wick to Honey they/we have what every hemp connoisseurs want.


2. Wolf Productions Hemp Rolling Kits

The R2 Hemp rolling kits by Wolf productions are a unique and handy addition to any self respecting hemp smoking connoisseur. I mean really, who would not want a fold up hemp made kit that has room and pockets for all your smoking gubbins. As we all know, having good kit is a necessary part of being a toker and Wolf productions are top of their game when it comes to boxes, kits and general coffee table pieces of good quality. unlike the many other kits available, the hemp ones are super easy to use and provide a decent amount of space in which to store all the rolling papers, quintessential tips and lighters that are often needed. The R2 – Medium Black Hemp Folding Rolling Kit – 14cm x 9cm x 2.5cm. Available in Black and Grey for those that cant make up their mind what colour to buy. We say pop down to Quintessential Truro and see why we stock them for yourself, you can pick them up test for yourself the quality that is the hemp rolling kits key selling point. Perfect for gifts and everyday use.


1. The Hemp Grinder

A grinder is literally the mainstay of the hemp smokers tool kit so it will come as no surprise that there are now Hemp plastic made grinders and as such we feel that this has to be number one in our list because the sheer fact that it is not made from crappy plastics and is made from a natural recourse such as hemp gives it a credibility all of its own. Simple to use and perfect for grinding up your legal smoking mixtures, all it requires are rolling papers and quintessential pure hemp roach tips and your away, store it all in a wolf productions hemp rolling kit and we will all be calling you master hemp. Pop into Quintessential Truro Shop and see our fantastic range of grinders including the Buddies hemp grinding tool. Like they say once you go hemp, you never go back, as a plant, as a material it has properties that are perfect for use in everyday life and as the hemp grinder shows you there are no need to use dirty plastics when hemp plastic is so good.