When it comes to Hemp its been a long hard road from the days of the emperor where's no clothes to what we have now, an almost fully fledged industry which is about far more than just smoking. Bags, clothing even building materials are the future and boy have they made progress. when I was young hemp was seen as the same thing as cannabis ( we are not going to tell you the difference here) but slowly with more and more people understanding that the future of the human race is dependent on sustainability, hemp has been thrust to the forefront as its literally the best all round plant mother nature has and still we let the mainstream media define what is acceptable and what is not.



All our building materials should be made from hemp, all our cars and planes should be fuels using hemp ethanol yet we are still dependent on fossil fuels and materials that harm the environment rather than help it defeat the blatant global warming that our planet is undergoing. The only real industry seeing a breakthrough with hemp is clothing and in medicine as CBD liquids gain traction as real alternative to pharmaceutical based cancer drugs despite big pharma trying its hardest to hide the evidence.



As smokers and people already interested in the power of hemp, its up to us to spread the word and help people realise that the newspapers, politicians and corporate entities will never willingly give you the truth, this is why in the USA Sativex the cannabis derivative is owned by people on wall street, why, because of money. people health and happiness has been forsaken for profit and control.



Despite all the above tyranny, people are awakening the world over as it becomes clear we have been lied to. Remember you don't need to take drugs to believe in the power of hemp. just a little research and you will see the truth and we promise you that once you try all things hemp you wont go back, the clothes quality for instance is way higher and much more sustainable than farmed cotton or synthetics and does not take an army of slaves in Bangladesh to make them. 



The future of the human race is directly linked to our increased use of the hemp plant, the longer we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked into believing happiness comes from consumption, the closer to the abyss we get. Clothes should last , food should be clean and not full of fats, sugars and salt and plastic should not encase everything we have. In short we need more communities making and producing what they need with the surplus being sold for trade or income. After all, how many people rely on food banks in England and how much food is thrown away each day by the supermarkets.



We can do more, we should do more. yet our fear of losing the consumption keeps us imprisoned, while the media has us hating everyone of different colours or creeds to keep us distracted from the reality that out powers that be are slowly crushing us beneath the corporate jackboots of our imperial masters.



Please use local, make barter and trade what you can for what you need and try and stay as far out of the mainstream as possible, while all the time trying to incorporate hemp as much as you can in everyday life, and this could mean something as silly as only using hemp rolling papers & tips if your a smoker or using hemp seeds in your diet. Every change away from the status quo is a step in the right direction. For the last 40 years we have seen the eradication of communities but in 2015 its making a comeback and if you have the will power you would do you and your family a great service for the future if you got on board with all things hemp, sustainable and natural.