We all want that bikini or summer ready body, especially now just after the indulgent Christmas season.  It is programmed into us that society only wants and accepts beautiful people but newsflash, you / we are all beautiful in our own way and of course beauty is only skin deep so forget about wanting to lose weight solely to try to fit in with society expectations, life is too short to play to other people expectations but if you have decided to try to lose weight then the likelihood is you will want to, like most of us do this with the least amount of effort possible because like most sane people, exercise and calorie counting is not something any of us wish to do, especially in this fast paced world with all the distractions and tasty street food. 

CBD Oil is now being promoted as a diet aid and exercise aid but will you lose weight from taking CBD oil?

The answer as you may expect is NO, you will not lose weight simply by taking CBD oil and anyone who is pushing that narrative is not to be trusted. Weight loss will only be achieved through a calorie controlled diet and exercise, anything else is not going to work and if it does, you may find long term health implications from it which far outweigh the momentary weight loss. (Please don't use dieting drugs!)

Despite what sellers or advocates of CBD tell you, weight loss is not an easy thing to achieve by cheating and that is what taking something without doing the hard work is. We all want to lose weight and we all want to carry on eating as much as we want of high sugar, salt and fat foods but it just won't work. We wish taking CBD oil did though, as I would be slightly lighter than I am but taking a supplement alone will not aid you in losing weight.

It could however help you get more into your exercise routine and recover quicker from the strenuous activities meaning you can work out longer and harder which may mean you will lose weight that way, but muscle weighs more than fat so you may be leaner and fitter but you may still weigh the same or more depending on how much muscle you pack on.

Personally I think combining CBD as part of your daily routine is a great way to go in general and taking an interest in your diet, its supplementation and how it effects your performance goes hand in hand with achieving your desired goals and getting into routines helps you commit harder to the plan at hand. 

If in doubt give it a trial and see how you feel after using at part of your routine, we don't make promises of help but the general trend sees people really enjoy using it daily and our everyday CBD oil is perfect for the daily supplementation of your diet with hemp oil.

Questions asked by customers on dieting, weight loss and CBD oil consumption. 

Question: Will I lose weight by taking CBD Oil?

Answer: No, taking CBD oil alone will not help you shed weight, this will be done via a calorie controlled diet and exercise. If anyone tries to tell you CBD is good for weight loss and you don't need to exercise or control what you eat then take that info with a pinch of salt.

Question: Does taking CBD Oil help with a weight loss Diet?

Answer: Taking CBD will not help you lose weight on its own , you can use it alongside changing your diet, taking regular physical exercise and it will help with the recovery times from exercise which means you will be able to train harder and burn more calories but taking CBD oil alone wont burn calories. 

Question: Will CBD Oil make me thinner

Answer: No CBD oil will not make you thinner, if you wish to lose weight then please note CBD oil is not a quick fix for this or for anything, it can be used as part of a new routine alongside exercise, diet change and positive thinking but alone it will not do this and unfortunately there are no shortcuts to losing weight.