What a time to be alive folks, we have a country in meltdown from Brexit, a world that is dying of global warming and a racist sitting in the White house trying to start WW3.

Apart from that though the future is bright especially for us British people who now overwhelmingly depend on Food banks to survive even if in full time work and soon we will have to pay to use the NHS which is just great!

From my perspective it is not hard to see why so many people suffer with drug addiction, anxiety and depression in this country on a daily basis.

With Drug addiction, anxiety and depression at an all time high among the residents of the British isles we thought we would look into if CBD oil can help with any of the above or, if it has no value for the average person struggling to keep their head above water.

Before we begin though we must say that we are not medically trained, and we do not market CBD as being a cure all or a medical product, it would be naive of any user to think that taking anything, natural or pharmaceutical based will cure you of the above afflictions instantly. However, incorporating natural substances into your daily regimen can have positive results for many people, but we will not be saying that if you take cbd oil you will cure your drug addiction or depression or your anxiety. 


Why is anxiety and depression on the rise 

There are so many factors that I have tried to split some of the most obvious ones up I can think of, but individually or all together they can trigger any or all of the issues we are speaking about, but I would guess for many people it's a subtle blend of them all plus some other stuff we will not touch on. We have listed the most prolific reasons below as to why people are drawn into the cycle of unhappiness, depression, anxiety, drink and drug use. 

Money:  A lot of these feelings of anxiety and depression can stem from the hopelessness that is encapsulated by life is "Modern Britain". The average UK citizen is under phenomenal pressure just to keep their heads above water, which leaves a feeling of constant drowning, a financially related emotional waterboarding if you will that is taxing on the person to a high degree.

There are many examples of families who live in working poverty and there are many deprived areas around the UK that have seen no love or money from central government since the collapse of the industries connected to them, often mining, farming and fishing communities, and they have been left to rot by successive governments.

Add in the choice to inflict austerity on the nation by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats which has sucked what little there was in the system right out again leaving a vacuum in our local communities which is the perfect breeding ground for unhappiness and anxiety and depression. 

If asked most people would cite money as being a massive factor in their life and for that reason you can't discount the effect struggling to provide for those you love will have on a person.

Social media: One of the most  damaging elements of modern society I believe is social media, people are addicted en mass to their phones and gadgets that offer a chance to see what everyone else is doing via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and so on

The use of social media has distorted reality for many people and has them searching for validation from strangers which is very unhealthy for the mind.

Social media can be a powerful tool but it has the ability to lower self-esteem and confidence as we compare ourselves to everyone and everything on a constant basis and simultaneously chastise ourselves for not achieving our wants and desires and also believing we are just on the verge of making it, whatever making it means. 

Most of what we see these days is marketing anyway, get away from social media and live free of the mental shackles it places upon you.

Drugs: Drugs are meant to be fun right, god knows I have done enough of them for that reason alone, but did you know there is actually a large downside to taking drugs and most people don't realize it until it's too late.

If you are going to engage in it, you need to be switched on to the effects that it will have on you. That old saying what goes up must come down is true enough but the down is not just limited to the following days, it can have a profound effect on how you think and feel for a long time after consuming them.

If you are already depressed then perhaps recreational drug taking is not going to help you and taking them can increase anxiety but it does end up being a bit of a viscous circle so in all honesty if you can stay clear of Alcohol and hard drugs you may find your bored but feel much better in the long run.

cbd oil uk anxiety

Can CBD Oil Help Anxiety, depression and drug addiction

CBD Oil has gained a massive following of consumers looking to try alternative methods of nutritional supplements from what has been traditionally available.

But can it help with any or all of the above? 

The short answer is this, on its own you would be silly to think taking a food supplement will cure you of any of the above. Even if they had larger amounts of THC it is still unlikely that you will cure any of them by the use of CBD and cannabinoids alone, however if you have then well done you lucky person, we are jealous. 

The issues in this blog are run deeper than just taking some drops of oil are able to penetrate and if you are a sufferer of any or all of the issues we have spoken about please do try CBD oil if you wish but make sure you engage in other methods designed to alleviate your issues, a combination of the below options are always a good idea and CBD oil is part of it but in a minor way compared to the others I believe.

  • Talk: talking through your issues is always an underused method but its one of the best, be it to a friend, family member or a Councillor getting that weight off your chest can really help. Try this first before buying nutritional supplements if possible.
  • Research: Read as much as you can, go on forums associated with the      theme of anxiety, depression and drug addiction, some great ones are these below. Reading how others dealt with their issues can help you feel like your not alone and it may ease the burden on you.
  • Medical: You can also seek more formal medical attention from your GP should you think that this be required. Its also a good idea if you are thinking of changing your diets and routines to run it by them first to seek the professional opinion.
  • Exercise: Often overlooked, exercise can be the start of the positive change for a person and the act of mixing up your routine and pushing yourself physically will have a beneficial return for the effort expended. This in turn can help alleviate the feelings that have been causing you discomfort and if drug addiction is a thing, you can turn exercise into a drug, better you do to much of that then the alternative.
  • Diet: Closely linked with exercise, if you change your diet for the better the results mentally can be astounding and adding CBD oil into your diet change will be a welcome addition. So organic, low fat, low sugar and low caffeine are a great way to go and if you can try going vegan and gluten free, you will feel much better for just that simple change.

Conclusion: There are so many factors as to why someone might have depression, its scary just how susceptible we are to this and all the other things that go with it. My own personal thoughts are that no matter how good we as humans might have it, the grass is always appearing greener and that can be a blessing and a curse. Perhaps we have too much leisure time to be able to dwell on the things we don't have, when in days gone by people had it much harder but seemed of a fuller spirit.

I do not have any concrete answers and if you read my blogs you will know I do not do evidence based blogs, I go in for more emotive stuff that requires less citations (lol), this is just what I have come to believe through my lived experience on the subject we are dealing with.  Right or wrong, have your say below on how you feel about the blog and please let others know how you deal or dealt with the above.