Oil made from the hemp plant comes in two variations, hemp seed oil which is great for cooking and salad dressings and CBD oil, and today we are going to take a look at the CBD Oil variation. Both can be nutritious and delicious in their own right but only one is being marketed as a medical aid and "natural cure-all" for many different health problems, ailments, and conditions with such voracity. 

As you undoubtedly know if already familiar with CBD or Cannabidiol to use its full name, is that CBD is just one of over 100 different compounds identified as belonging to the Hemp plant. Others include CBG and THC-A for example.

A lot of research has been conducted into the benefits of the plant and the potential it has to offer us and a lot of its notoriety comes from the fact it's not psychoactive which in comparison to THC is often a welcome attribute. Meaning it can be used by a broader spectrum of people looking for the vital ingredients but without the high.

This lack of any mind-altering effects also means it is legal in many countries and in a grey area in some of the rest with very few countries making it outright illegal. This has made it highly accessible to millions of people worldwide and Quintessential Tips has played a part in that journey

With a lot of different companies producing CBD hemp oil, it can be difficult to fathom the difference between each CBD supplier. Quintessential Tips however along with a small but growing list of companies offer a real authentic option for would-be cannabinoid consumers who want the best the industry has to offer.

We have collated the best companies and included real verified reviews from real people that are growing in number all the time, so check back to read the latest ones or go to the individual product on our website to see how other people feel about CBD and the products on the market for consumers to buy.

Please note that while our reviews, unlike many others, are real, they are still just verified customers' opinions and should not be used in place of real medical advice from GP's and doctors but the reviews will give an indication of the product and how people find using it. We do not accept any liability in connection to customer reviews. 

Quintessential Tips CBD Oil Reviews 2020

Our own brand CBD oil is one of the best on the UK market, it's not gimmicky and it does not rely on false promises or false claims as to what it is or what it does and for that reason, our customers love it and furthermore pound for pound it's one of the best priced full spectrum cannabinoid oils around, at £24.99 for a 5% 10ml bottle - you will see others claim to have 5% at lower prices, but they will be made with cheap CBD isolate and don't even come close to what we do and offer.

As a 30-year-old Hemp and cannabis company trading in England, we only put our name on the best and our mission was to offer our product to the public in the polar opposite way of how every new startup does it. No lies, no-nonsense and real value for your money that you just won't get elsewhere.

It's also worth pointing out we don't do hard marketing, maybe 6 emails a year for sales and news if you are a CBD newsletter subscriber and follow-up order emails for reviews and blogs like this which you don't have to read. That's it and if you have experience of other companies, they will bombard you with marketing nonsense every other day - we hate that and don't do it to our customers.

Also, our CBD oil was the first Cannabis and Hemp-based CBD product in the world to come packaged in pure hemp, a major statement of our intent and our ethos regarding what we sell and how we treat the planet. You will save money and have a much better product than if you bought another brand and also do your bit for helping bring about real change in consumable items that help destroy our world. 


CBD Brothers CBD Oil & Paste UK

CBD Brothers CBD Oil Reviews 2020

CBD Brothers CBD Oils are one of those companies that are like Marmite on the national scene, you either love them or hate them and while we understand the love, to hate them is to identify as someone who knows very little about the UK CBD scene and most of the hate can be accredited to jealousy or lack of research or research in the wrong places - remember facebook forums are affiliated to companies and they use the platform to demonise others they are scared of so take them with a pinch of salt and realise that Facebook forums and hemp associations are all just people with their own agendas.

Read their reviews, trial their products and see for yourself.  CBD Bros make  Indica based CBD products and are busy setting trends whilst others in the industry look to them with jealousy that they did not think of it first.

From Cannabidiol oils to CBD pastes and skin products, CBD Brothers are well worth a look into if you have tried other brands and not found what you are looking for. Ignore the naysayers and check out the reviews below to see how other, real consumers find their products. We think you will be impressed.

Endoca CBD Oil Reviews UK

Endoca CBD Oil Reviews 2020

Endoca CBD oils, pastes and hemp-based products are one of the first products we started selling in 2015 and they are a reputable and high-quality CBD producer that cares about the products it creates and markets.

We have many, many reviews which show how our customers find using Endoca products and one of the major selling points is that they are certified organic. We have used the products ourselves and consider them to be a high-end cannabis product worthy of inclusion in your research.

With products like the best selling RAW CBD oil at 3% to their CBD oil suppositories and the higher end in strength pastes you can be sure whatever you buy from Endoca it is worthy of your money, as time and effort has been put into providing a range that encapsulates the best quality and no corners have been cut to do so.

Cibdol CBD Oil UK

Cibdol CBD Oil Reviews 2020

Cibdol CBD Oil UK is another high-end golden CBD oil and one we have also used in the past personally. They are a high-end product producer in the field of Cannabis oils and their products are very good and very well received by consumers of cannabis oils. You can check out the reviews from customers below, just use the arrows to see more. 

What makes them special as a manufacturer of CBD oils is that they make and are dedicated to Golden oils which are filtered and they also only use olive oil as a base oil when the majority use hemp oil or MCT oil for their products.

Read the reviews and consider them as a viable option for your research of what to buy if you are looking to start taking CBD oils. They have a range of oils and capsules with some great skincare products as well and we think you will enjoy using their products as part of your daily food supplement routine.


Cannabigold CBD Oil UK

Cannabigold CBD Oil Reviews 2020

Cannabigold is a great producer of cannabinoid rich products that quickly became very popular in the UK and worldwide. Another golden full-spectrum CBD oil, it comes with a unique dropper bottle attachment and is easy therefore to dispense and use. It's clean and good tasting oil that is not mixed with any flavor but the nice pure hemp tastes that CBD has without any bitter aftertaste.

Towards late 2019 there was a supply issue but this is now rectified and supply can't keep up with the demand for this great CBD oil product. The reviews below show what real customers think about using this product. 

They also produce CBD capsules alongside their range of oils and customers find both variants a good source of Cannabidiol and worth every penny spent.


CBD Tea, a great format for the ingestion of cannabinoids present in the hemp used but often overlooked for oils. We have a good selection of them on our site, and they sell very well and to my mind, they are one of the best ways to start your journey in consuming hemp as it's inexpensive and easy to use meaning its less likely for you to have a hard time getting used to it.

From teabags to loose leaf teas, you can read more about how our customers find them by reading our reviews below on the carousel. We are very happy to show off the reviews for the CBD tea and the format is definitely a hot product that suits many consumers of cannabis products.

Try them today and see what all the fuss is about and why CBD Tea should be on your list of things to try in 2020

What is Not Hot in the UK CBD Industry 

In 2020 what is not hot in the UK Cannabis industry remains the same old tired nonsense that became evident in 2019 - Ego and lies. It's sad to watch an industry populated by people & companies who clearly could not care less about the hemp plant or their customers but this is the world we live in and the UK cannabis industry is no less frequented by short-sighted shysters than any other industry. 

We recommend to people serious about taking CBD in 2020 to move away from CBD e-liquids and instead focus on the other product formats, unfortunately, the Vape industry is as hard-nosed as they come and nothing matters apart from money, literally nothing and inhaling concoctions made up by e-liquid manufacturers looking to cut into the cannabis market should be a cause for concern. On top of that, the majority of the products are made using CBD isolate which is obtained from China which probably does not inspire confidence for those looking to be as natural as possible. Not all companies will be dodgy but en- mass it one of the sectors that we get the most lies and false claims from when people look to put their products on our site and it is a real cause for concern.

Remember be careful with believing the hype and steer clear of overt marketing and medical claims and ensure the reviews you read are not the result of being given discounts or other kickbacks in return for the review. As a consumer of CBD products, it will pay to do research and avoid the pitfalls associated with buying products from a competitive industry. Some products will be good but for every great CBD product, there will be 10 more that are awful so buyer beware.