When asked ‘what do you think cannabidiol is?’ you wouldn’t be laughed at for thinking ‘an illegal, psychoactive compound found in cannabis.’ In actuality, that's not quite true. What you may be confusing it with is THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabidiol (or CBD), however, is a naturally occurring and legal substance that is being used more and more widely for a myriad of reasons; helping to reduce nausea, insomnia and even as a painkiller for cancer patients.

While both are found in the plant Cannabis sativa, they aren't as similar as you would think. Research is constantly being carried out on CBD for all of its possible uses but what is currently known is that the effects and impacts of CBD are actually vastly different to its illegal counterpart.

Where does CBD come from?
CBD is one of nearly 100 chemical substances found in Cannabis sativa, with CBD being one of the most abundant substances – almost 40% of the plant! The substance is extracted in oil form and from here can be mixed with other oils, butters, creams, just about anything really.

What can CBD do?
Above everything else, CBD does not get you high. So, if you were worried about the mind altering effects it may have on you, rest assured that it is non-psychoactive and a safe and effective option for a number of ailments.

Some of the most popular uses of CBD that people have found are typically for some kind of relief. Many users have turned to the oil as a way to treat nerve damage, others are using it to help with their insomnia; others have used it to battle their anxiety. There have been links to the impact that the CBD has on brain receptors in regards to an increase in serotonin levels; low serotonin levels can lead to low mood.

Most impressively, and maybe most popular, a number of cancer patients have begun using CBD oil in an effort to combat the mental and physical toll that the illness and treatment can have on the body.

What can you do with CBD?
Research is constantly being carried out on CBD for all its possible uses but what is currently known is that the effects and impacts of it are vastly different to its illegal counterpart. THC has some similarities to CBD, however it is a known psychoactive substance and it can lead to Chronic Munchies and a feeling of intoxication. Experts have since found no correlation to CBD and addiction nor have any psychoactive qualities been discovered which is a positive quality and is why the CBD compound has seen so much publicity – not everyone wants to get ‘high’.

If you are looking to try a CBD oil product, we can’t promise relief from nerve pain, migraines, nausea, insomnia, anxiety or any ailments, but we can say that there is a lot of consumers who enjoy its use every day and we are sure you will too! We have heard of people making smoothies, incorporating the oil in sauces, cakes and even gummies… its uses are limitless!

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