So we are back in Cornwall again and getting settled after a great weekend away at Brighton Green Pride, hosted by Brighton Cannabis Club, the Countries most organized Club headed by Rob.  The day way sunny and glorious and it was great to be a sponsor and part of the experience. Firstly though all props to Rob for organizing this event, as anyone who has ever held an event knows, its not easy, so we say thanks to Rob for making the event, growing the event and seeing this protestival grow into the beast it is.  So let's reflect on the day by running through it from our experience of it. 

Quintessential CBD Brighton Green Pride Sponsors 2018

We left Cornwall on the Friday, at about 3pm - drove to London in a van loaded with stock and display equipment and arrived at about 9.30 after having some awesome detours through Devon which added much time to our journey, thanks Highways agency, although I am sure it was closed for a reason so cant complain too much.  The next morning we jumped back in the van and drove to Brighton,m arriving at about 9am  - we made our way to Preston park and found parking with Rob's help - and the parking was directly behind were we were setting up, so a massive score which cut down hassle and effort. So when we arrived the football was still going strong which was cool, but also time was counting down until 12 when the event was due to start - so up goes the gazebos - which I must say was not as simple as thought to set up, and we had some brilliant help from tall people next to us and without them it would have been much more difficult, so if you are reading this and were one of the helpers, you guys rock, and we owe you  our gratitude for being so helpful and forthcoming. Thank you.  So stall all set up and now sweating profusely under the midday sun all the other vendors started showing up and the event began to take shape with the main stage built and all the traders making a great little arena for all the event punters to enjoy. Did i already mention the weather- oh yeah it was stunning and a better day for the green pride would be hard to find. 

Brighton Green Pride 2018

We gave out hundreds of samples both of our famous smoking roach tips to discerning connoisseur smokers plus samples of our new high grade Golden CBD Oil branded with the Green pride event to offer not only a great sample of our oil but also a great branded memento of the day to get lost in your box - yes all smokers and tokers have a box filled with all the stuff we love, don't use and won't throw away lol. We had a great reception to our CBD oil which is the first to be packaged in Pure Hemp worldwide, which highlights Quintessentials dedication to the plant - this is absolute and unbreakable - our involvement with hemp and cannabis goes back 30 years, and we are proud to be a real difference in the industry.  Talking of the industry it was very cool to meet everyone you talk to on a daily basis sometimes by phone or email -  we got to meet CBD Brothers, the dude from Hot box 420, The dudes from Hampshire Hemp and many others who were a pleasure to meet and chat to. Also, we had the pleasure of sharing our stand with the mighty THTC who we have known for many years and provide the best, not some of the best but the best Hemp T-shirts the UK has to offer, and we are also going to be selling them shortly on out website and in our shop in truro in Cornwall - Both Gavin and Ashwin are very cool guys and THTC are the official merchandiser for the UB40 tour so massive to have them with us on the same stall - even picked up a t shirt for myself to add to the collection - and that is what you do with THTC clothes - you collect them as they become timeless classics. 

Brighton Gree pride 2018 pictures

Rob invited us to the after party at their new headshop and vape lounge in Brighton after the event but unfortunately with the sheer amount of driving and other commitments on the monday we could not make it however i am sure a good time was had by all. For a 1 day, protestival that had a bit of a heavy police presence, it was a great example of what could be if the industry could put the ego down and all commit to creating a better future for all. It was an awesome event and Rob should be very please with the fruits of his labor - we at quintessential respect people who do more than just talk and Rob and the Brighton Cannabis club did just that by putting on an event that can only be ultra hassle with the icestof possible vibes. Roll on Green Pride 2019 - we will be going and if you are a cannabis lover, a hemp lover or just want to see something new and different you should go as well , it is trouble free and relaxed positive event that we should all in the industry be proud of. 

Dance green pride 2018