What is the best CBD Tea for sale? This is not a hard question to answer. Check out at the bottom of the page for all our hemp CBD Tea reviews that come from real verified customers who have not been paid or incentivized in any way to leave reviews, which ensures our potential tea customers can trust and use them to aid in their choice of hemp cbd teas without the feeling of being coerced. Just real tea drinkers just like you who made the leap to a hemp tea and their reaction to it. 

Why drink CBD tea though,never mind all the great reviews.Why do people and cannabis consumers like to ingest their cannabinoids in liquid form? We have found that hemp consumers love to drink CBD tea and that they often drink between three and four cups a day and report that they find it both relaxing and enjoyable, much as you would expect from a fine cup of tea. Some benefits of drinking CBD tea that users have reported include aiding sleep and insomnia to pain relief. How many cups you should have a day though, will be up to the individual consumer and their specific requirements. 

The best CBD Tea in England, easily

Drinking tea is literally part of being British. We are all indoctrinated from an early age to love tea and its relaxing effects, and we have found that the teas we sell make a wonderful alternative to regular green teas and is a light and delicate taste which provides plenty of anti-oxidants that will not only leave you wanting another cup but also calm and relaxed which is the perfect reason to try a tea today and see for yourself what the fuss around hemp based teas are all about. Choose from Tea bags to loose-leaf CBD green teas. Master the tea making process and enjoy.

Want to know about the Benefits of Drinking CBD Tea? Click Here 

We stock all the major brands of CBD hemp Teas and have many more coming online shortly and if we do not stock them, then there will be a reason for that - not all CBD tea was created equal and not all manufacturers care about the end result, they think that as long as it has the words CBD on it, it will sell - we have covered though in previous blogs how to be careful and why we are the safe space of the UK CBD industry. In short, don't take risks with your health or finances - read the review below and see for yourself what Cannabis consumers want and like. 

Personally we drink a mixture of most of them but our go to tea favourite has to be the Dr Greenloves and with nearly 100 five star reviews from customers this may be the best rated CBD tea in the UK. Also, high up on our list is the Hemp Earth Teas which are lovely and delicate and are blended with some brilliant herbs. Get involved here and please comment with your favourite ways to make and drink hemp and cbd teas and,also any horror stories of buying hemp teas or products.

If you are feeling adventurous we take one CBD teabag and add in 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as it is known then combine this with fresh ginger, turmeric and lemon juice with hot water and let steep. Give it a stir after a few minutes and away we go,instant rejuvenation and a great aid to acid reflux, at least it is for us . 

Its cool though just relax and drink some CBD Tea. ☕