How much CBD Oil should you take is a question we get asked all the time. And for good reason considering many cbd product, producing companies give none or at least very vague instructions on how much of their cbd oil to ingest. This is down to a few reasons and often comes down to the fact that every CBD user is different, with different metabolisms, wants and desires. So the CBD companies do not (the reputable ones) want to market their oils and associated CBD products for sale as definitive cures or for any particular medical condition. For example no CBD manufacturer would create a product as a cure for cancer and then market it that way. They would then have to tell you how many drops a day and for how long you would need to take it to cure the cancer. When the Cancer is not cured the company is going to be in big trouble. OK, Cancer is a big example but the same goes for pain relief.

How can any company or seller of CBD oils, who by the way have no idea of your issues, medical history and no formal medical training give accurate dosage amounts to treat the issue you will have told them about. The bad sellers and companies will try to get you to buy expensive products, the good ones will be wary of recommending anything because how can we in all honesty do that. We could say take ten drops a day or more or less, and none of this is coming from a place of knowledge with definitive backed up info that has taken into account all the different variables for each individual. Customers beware.

We often see people, talking about how they read all the white papers etc and this then gives them the right to advise you on how to use Cannabis as a pain relief medication. These people are motivated by money and only money and its a pity because when people ask the question, how much CBD oil should I take, it is often a cry for help or coming from someone hoping to be given the answers they seek but the only truthful answer any seller or manufacture can give on dosage is simply this.

For all newbies, beginners and CBD noobs, whatever you wish to be called. After doing your research and selecting a product to try make sure you take it in such a way that allows you, the user to get the most out of the product. This means simply starting on the lowest dose possible that you are prepared to take, so for example 1 drop once a day for a week. After one week like this you could then add in 2 drops a day for a week and so on, it does not need to be that exactly but you probably see what we are getting at, less is more.

You need to get into keeping a dosage diary, much like a food diary which we know many people do keep on a daily basis. Once you have found your optimum spot with regard to dosage you will be happy to of gone through the hassle of the low and slow process. You will be sure that A, the products is either good enough for you or further product exploration is required and B, you know what dosage you wish to be on at that particular strength and C, you will not waste too much money.

If doing the low and slow method dose not work for you then please see the infographic below with a generalized dosage guide for adults, this guide though is much like the recommendations from the manufactures found on most CBD oil bottles - (2-3 drops three times a day). But if you do the low and slow method, long term you will be happier and more at ease with your purchase. This blog is focusing on CBD oil as opposed to other CBD products like edibles and vape liquids. CBD oils are the main method of ingestion for most people and this is why we focus on that rather than the rest of the hemp product formats in this blog. 

CBD Oil dosage guide 2019

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