Hi Guys and Girls and welcome a to another blog by Quintessential Tips CBD Oils. We are very proud to bring you news of us getting media attention. If you missed us in the mainstream media. We can now say "as seen on the BBC" on our products and website (probably won't though) as we had a few really well-thought-out and made segments from both local and national news agencies regarding us and Cannabis and the then proposed changes in British law regarding medical cannabis usage in the UK on November 1st 2018. Quintessential has been one of the originators in the UK Hemp and Cannabis scene for nearly 30 years, and we have risen to be one of the most trusted and ethical shops and websites selling Hemp and cannabis associated products in the UK simply because we clearly care, we put our money where our mouth is and do things in a better way that is not so reliant on hardcore marketing or dubious tactics.  This has not been lost on Cannabis and hemp consumers in the UK and worldwide and the Media have noticed that a small Cornish Company is very much leading the way in all that we do, For example the first and still the best hemp smoking Roach worldwide was and is made by us! The first Cannabis or hemp product packaged in pure hemp packaging instead of cheap bad paper fibre, that was us. And there is a lot more to come. We are constantly evolving without needing to lie, use too much hype (the struggle is real) or doing things which don't fit in with our morals just to make a sale. Read on for info regarding the Media publications about us. We may not be perfect, but we try to be and care greatly about our customers so naturally we are very much humbled by the attention from the media and also the kindness and lovely nature of our customers who support us and what we do.

the Cornwall Live piece was a very well done piece actually despite our worries and the sensationalist headlines (hahah). The two members of the team we dealt with where professional, interested and open-minded enough to write and do a quality piece on us that neither demonized cannabis nor made consumers of it look like drug addicts and would you believe that in both the Cornwall Live piece and the BBC piece i managed to get them to not use the word Skunk. Cornwall Live did the initial piece which was well-received and led on t the BBC news piece regarding our comments about Cornwall and what could be possible.

Quintessential Cannabis Oils UK Cornwall for sale
Quintessential in Truro - The business has recently begun to stock Cornwall's first CBD oil and even makes it own hemp packaging. 

The BBC piece had intended in the beginning to run a story using us in a debate style piece that would have seen us argue with someone who potentially had, had their lives touched by Cannabis and other substances for the worse or a mental health professional (speculation as this did not come to be) in a segment that would have done nothing positive for us or Cannabis, instead after talking with the BBC Reporter we got them to drop the debate or at least registered our lack of interest in being part of something like that which would only further the narrative that the issue of Cannabis is in need of a debate rather than direct action from the Government, which ultimately needs to lead to everyone having a right to grow and buy and consume Cannabis as they see fit with the usual rules and caveats you would expect in a decent society. As also mentioned we pleaded with them not to use the word Skunk - we think that actually skunk is used without much knowledge and it makes for a provocative sound bite and headline however it does nothing more than provide closed minded people a bastion of safety from which to berate the rest of us. Break the stigma and refuse the sound bites, it is what we make it and Cannabis deserves more from us than allowing the old ways and tired narratives a place to exist. If you watched the news report or heard us on the BBC radio throughout the day you will have seen or heard the change in reporting style, this has seen a response from local MP's both positively and negatively, and we will be addressing that in a separate blog coming out soon but the essence of what came out of the media attention is that people are ready for change and frankly its long overdue.

Golden CBD Oils in three Strengths From Cornish CBD Manufacturer Quintessential Tips  Quintessential in Truro is selling the first Cornwall CBD oil packaged in full hemp packaging 

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