Its 2020 folks and a new year bring new obstacles and new beginnings to us all and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on ingesting CBD oil for Anxiety.

Its one of the most often asked questions we get surrounding CBD oil from our customers and potential cannabinoid consumers and there is a lot of misinformation out there on this subject, which is designed to sell products rather than help someone afflicted with anxiety. 

This information is often propagated by sellers and affiliates of the cbd oil sellers looking to capitalize on other people's misfortune by saying anything that will strike a chord and encourage a sale, even if it's for something you don't need 

Quintessential Tips CBD oils, as one of the UK's oldest and most trusted and respected Cannabis businesses has created a brand and platform which does not do bullshit, we are not perfect but we want people to be free to make their minds up and be manipulated by people looking to make money from your pain.

And if you have ever been unlucky enough to suffer yourself or know someone who has suffered from anxiety, you will know that pain is a great way to describe it. Mentally it is debilitating but it can and will manifest itself in different ways for people with no two people experiencing 100% the same version of anxiety.

So why would you want to take CBD Oil for your Anxiety?

Simply put, if you suffer from anxiety you will no doubt be looking for something, anything to help either end it or bring it under control and its no wonder that people who are in this situation do not like taking the prescribed drugs a doctor will try and put you on.

Those drug prescriptions often won't do anything but make you worse in the long run and while some will get what they want from these pharmaceuticals, the majority won't and they will also not wish to poison their body with the acceptable option that is pushed by the quack's

Check out the side effects of traditional anxiety medication here.

As CBD Oil has had a positive reaction from consumers it makes sense that those who prefer the natural approach would consider CBD Oil viable option in place of the more traditional options.

Does CBD Oil Cure Anxiety?

The short answer is no, CBD Oil alone will not cure your anxiety and it's for that reason that those that push it as being a cure-all or easy way out should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Affiliates and people who sell CBD oils do so for money and have no right to sell to your fear in such a way and while not everyone is a crook in the Hemp and CBD scene, you would be surprised to find out most are.

The majority have no stake in the hemp or cannabis industry in the UK and are all just out to make as much money as possible and to do that, they will do and say anything to make a sale.

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If you are a follower of the CBD scene in the United Kingdom you will probably be bored of hearing every company make claims that they have the best CBD oils, someone is lying as they can't all be the best and not all CBD oils are created equally but they would have you believe their products are a cure for anxiety and other medical conditions.

How to Cure Anxiety Naturally?

There is no easy way to cure anxiety, it comes from deep within your mind and has many and multi-faceted reasons for existing and to tackle it requires time and effort to bring about real change.

I know, it took me years and I am still wary of the power of the mind but you can't turn your back on it and not deal with the underlying issues, you may, by going down that route suppress it temporally but long term it will be back, harder and stronger than before.

Natural methods include the following for beating anxiety, but don't limit yourself to just that, experiment with as many options that are natural as possible as what works for one won't work for all but the below will be of use to even those without anxiety so give them a go.


Therapy is not everyone's cup of tea, but if it can help then I think to put your pride to one side and taking the leap may have good results for you, if not just chalk it up to experience and one of those nothing ventured, nothing gained scenarios.

⚫Changing of diet

Often overlooked but essential to ongoing happiness, changing your diet can have profound results for you.and your mental state - give it a go as this is an easy one to start. Go vegan or remove sugar, salts and fat as much as possible and all processed foods. Eating of fast foods that contain multiple E numbers and bad ingredients can affect people in ways not thought of, for example we know if we eat too much-fried foods we will get fat but often unknown is that alongside getting fat we destroy our mental wellbeing by consuming all the non-essential additives used. Read more here.


Exercise can help change how you think, not only is a plus for how you feel physically but also it will have an effect mentally. get in shape and at the same time make a positive impact on your mental health - start low and slow and see how consistent exercise can help you. 

⚫ Push back against the fear

 For myself, this was the moment I started to take back control of my life. Anxiety will often see you choose the path of least resistance so if you are getting anxiety attacks from different situations it often easier to remove those situations from your lifestyle but that will only exacerbate the issue. Instead, make a stand and fight the anxiety at all times - make it the enemy and no matter if you want to run away, put yourself in situations the anxiety loves and fight it as hard as you can. for me, it was eating out, something I always loved but when anxiety took over I started removing that from my life, until one day I had enough and just started eating out and feeling awful but shortly it subsided and i now eat out all the time and that was something I thought I would never do again.

The taking of CBD Oil can be used in conjunction with them all and some might find that using it does help but alone it won't cure you or the anxiety. In most cases, the healing process won't begin until you take ownership of the issues that have been buried internally which causes the Anxiety to exist, so step 1 is always going to be an element of introspection.

Once you have brought your demons into the light, you can begin dealing with them in a way that allows you to grow and heal.

This blog is not gospel but I have dealt with extreme anxiety and the resulting panic attacks and have beaten it naturally. For me a refusal to back down and constantly putting myself in situations I want to run away from helped me get on top of it.

I did take CBD oil as well but I can't in good faith say to you that taking CBD oil alone will cure or aid anxiety if you do take it and it does then you are very lucky but for most it will need solid, time-consuming work done to battle it and push on throughout the other side.

You can do it, 2020 is your year to free yourself and you are strong enough to do it, just believe in yourself, take the hard road and you will succeed.. eventually.
Peace out:)

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