Can Cannabis help you deal with the loss of loved ones?

Losing someone you love is never easy and sadly it is one of the few things that all humans will go through at some point no matter your background and it can be incredibly difficult to deal with as there is actually very little help for people to deal with their emotions during and after the fact.

Can using Cannabis and CBD oils help people through these periods, lets explore this painful subject.

Firstly please note that my experiences are my own and a small disclaimer here to say please don't read this and break the unjust UK law, we don't want you to do that, we just want to share our own experiences with you in the hopes it helps in your research around the subject. Of course many people now live in semi civilized locations around the world that allow the sale and use of legal Cannabis so if you are lucky enough to live there, this may be of interest also.

Cannabis-for-bereavement, will cbd oil help

Loss of loved one's does not just mean family members, there are many different people in our lives from close family and distant family to friends, associates, acquaintances and pets and it is natural to feel loss at the news that anyone that you have had interactions with has left our world. For my own part I have dealt with loss 4 times so far in my life and each one left a notable but different impact to my life and if you keep reading, i'll tell you how I used CBD oil and cannabis to aid in the recovery from a life changing event such as bereavement.

Death effects all of us differently, some can move on fairly quickly while others will have a longer more drawn out experience of grief. All you need to know is that your journey is your own and there is no set way or one size fits all way to deal with it. This being said there are things we can all do to help get through the tough times that saying goodbye to a loved one creates. 

1. Remember them as they were in their prime, not how they went out.

2. Celebrate their life and achievements, don't have a wake, have a party!

3. Try and be open to your emotions, to hide from them will not pay off long term.

How did Cannabis & CBD oils help you deal with loss

For me personally, I found it allowed me to grieve naturally, as one of the things I have found when using cannabis throughout my life is that it does not allow me to hide from my thoughts, one way or another they will rise to the surface, so I can confront them, willingly or otherwise. 

I have always been an advocate of cannabis so at the time it was natural to me to use it as that was the norm and it was something that I feel in retrospect was a positive choice for myself. Some people may find it just too much to deal with but for me it just made everything calmer and easier. It does not however remove the pain and sadness that the finality of death brings but I just felt I was not on the run from it, and so I cried and cried then thought and cried some more and in the end as time marches on, I feel, not good because that's not the right word, but I feel okay and from my experience when you lose those you love, feeling just okay is underrated as the profound sense of loss can be all invasive. 

I do understand though that for many people, the idea of being open to your emotions can be a very daunting and off-putting thought and also using Cannabis is not for everyone as it is still a controlled substance which means you can get into trouble for trying to help yourself naturally so instead many people as a way around that try using CBD oils which in my honest opinion are not going to, at least for me work as effectively as there is no THC. However everyone is different and I don't advocate either using or not using CBD oil for bereavement, you must do what feels right and natural to you. I did what felt right for me and I am glad I did. 

Other avenues of interest for those seeking help with bereavement and death are also available and many people find therapy a big help.

Whatever you choose to do is okay, you are okay and you will be okay. The sadness won't go but it will dissipate over time and remember the person you loved who is now not with you would want you to live on in peace, not turmoil so celebrate them, celebrate your time with them and carry on making them proud, one day at a time. You deserve to live your life too. We only get one. <3