Hands up all of you that are mightily looking forward to this years Product Earth Expo, We know we are :)

As the definitive Cannabis, Hemp & CBD exhibition in the UK , Product Earth is less about men in suits making up awards for themselves and more about bringing the real beating heart of the UK Cannabis industry together, both old and new.

This is important for a few reasons, none more so than it gives consumers, traders and manufactures in the hemp and cannabis sphere a chance to meet, greet and network.

In 2019 Quintessential Tips are very proud to be setting up the Hemp Zone with the British Hemp Association of which we are one of the Seed members. 

We will also be having our own stall there and would like to invite you all to attend the amazing event and pop by and say hello.

There will be so many great things going on that if you consider yourself a Cannabis and hemp advocate then this is designed for you as safe space to relax, educate and dance away to the awesome sounds of the curated music selection that will be on offer. 

In many ways this is more than a Hemp & CBD Expo, its a Festival of all things Cannabis & Hemp and it comes with great music, food and camping making it the defacto UK Cannabis orientated festival that others have tried to copy with out much success!

This years event is located just south of Coventry in the Midlands, at the prestigious National Agricultural & Exhibition Center at Stonleigh Park. This year’s event promises to be spectacular and a real upgrade from the previous events which have also been very highly rated.

Quintessential will be showing off it's Hemp & CBD product ranges and also our Pure Hemp Packaging which is a world first, if you are interested in being part of the change then come say "high" and see what we can do for you in terms of bringing a real authenticity to your brand or if your're a consumer come and see why you should if possible always choose Hemp. 

We hope to see all of you there and don't forget to pack your dancing shoes, its going to get loose. Stay up to date direct with Product Earth Via their website for more info and don't forget to join both theirs and our mailing lists to stay up to date with the UK Cannabis and hemp scene.

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