The CBD Brothers main Facbook page has been hijacked and is linking to a new website Warning, stay clear and only use the links at the bottom of the page if trying to contact them or use them directly.

CBD Brothers UK or TOA (The Original Alternative) have not been having an easy ride of late. From the beginning of the CBD market in the UK, CBD Brothers made significant gains by offering products that people loved, enjoyed and used.

This in turn gained them a following of die hard fans and also a following of green eyed detractors. If you have been following the CBD industry and CBD Brothers you will be aware of what we mean. its sadly a common occurrence, especially in the Cannabis industry which has been infiltrated by men in suites who want nothing more than to eradicate the independents and true creatives from the scene.

With that in mind it may be worth remembering that plenty is going on behind the scenes at all times to destabilize and hinder the natural growth of Companies like the CBD Brothers. Essentially Mom & Pop shops run with family and friends in a non corporate manner. If you have been watching the UK CBD Scene you will see what we mean and know exactly what I am talking about. 

Why though, who would do such a thing and surely the UK Cannabis industry is made up of good people?. You would think that would be the case as the nature of the product we all work around is a good and positive one but would you believe its attracted the very worst of people, like flies on shit they come one after another and just when you think one has been removed, two more pop up to take their place. In short, there are no end of people looking to capitalize on Cannabis and hemp at your expense.

And this new chapter in the CBD Brothers book of adversity is caused, we believe by a disgruntled employee who has hijacked the original Facebook Page and is directing people to a new website for personal gain. For your safety and security the following accounts are the official CBD brothers accounts.  To use any other, at this point will be potentially problematic. The powers that be are dealing with it and it has been done solely to harm them and their reputation. 

Show your love here to the CBD Brothers and only use the links below to reach them directly . however it would be rude not to point out that we give free UK delivery on all their products which come from real verified stock, from the source. :)

CBD Brothers will continue pushing forward and so will the homegrown UK Cannabis industry. Support them and their kind over the big corporate entities .