You can buy CBD supplements in various forms these days. One of the most popular options is in the form of edibles that you take orally. There are many CBD edibles on the market that come in various flavours and incorporate additional ingredients to help boost its effects. The question is, how long does a CBD edible last? Several factors contribute to this, and we’ll talk about each one in the sections below.

Types of Edibles

There are different types of edibles available on the market today, and each type contains varying amounts of CBD. The amount of CBD in an edible says a lot about its efficacy; therefore, you need to familiarise yourself first with the types of edibles you can get.

The two common types of CBD edibles are:

  • Balanced THC/CBD - Contains nearly equal amounts of THC and CBD.
  • CBD dominant - Contains little to no measurable THC.

How Long Do CBD Edibles Stay in Your System?

CBD edibles usually last in the system for six to eight hours. However, certain factors can affect the effects of CBD in the body.

The edibles need to pass through the digestive system first for the CBD to get absorbed into the bloodstream. You can feel the effects of CBD after an hour or so of consuming it. However, it’s tough to tell how long they last because you won’t get high from CBD The effects may not easily be spotted, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Some people report that they experience a sense of calm and relaxation after they take CBD.

Another thing that can contribute to how long CBD edibles last is the last time you ate. The time it takes for CBD to produce effects and how long they last may also be affected by how full or empty your stomach is. If you just ate, you can expect CBD effects to set in later than usual since your digestive system has to break down all its contents before it absorbs the CBD. On the other hand, your body will quickly absorb CBD on an empty stomach.

Your metabolism is another contributing factor to your CBD consumption. Your metabolism says a lot about how your body absorbs nutrients from the foods or supplements that you consume. If your body processes food quickly, you will likely feel the effects of CBD edibles sooner, but they may not last long compared to someone with a slower metabolism.

The strength of the CBD edibles is also a factor. In some cases, a higher concentration of CBD may have longer-lasting effects. However, it is not recommended to increase your dosage just to experience longer effects. Keep in mind that CBD works best when it is consumed periodically instead of all at once.


Before you take CBD edibles, learning how long they last is vital to determine whether they’re the right form of CBD for you. Most people today who are new to CBD make it a point to try out the various forms until they find the right one.

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