CBD continues to skyrocket in popularity in the health and beauty industry alike as its therapeutic benefits prove to be effective at relieving people’s various ailments. With the legalization of hemp production and medical marijuana, different CBD products are sprouting in the market like mushrooms.

From CBD-infused coffee for an energizing pick-me-up to your iconic CBD-infused edibles, there are popular ways to consume and make the most of the wonder drug’s health-boosting properties.

CBD-infused gummy bears are all the rage nowadays as the sweet snack packs a punch with its stress-busting, anxiolytic bite, but how long can you store the confectionary delights at home? Fortunately, you can extend its life by keeping it in the fridge!

How Does Storing CBD-Infused Gummies Maintain its Freshness and Potency?

Benefit #1: Storing CBD Gummy Bears in the Fridge Reduces Moisture and Humidity

One of the biggest culprits behind the speedy degradation of CBD edibles like gummy bears is when it’s exposed to humid conditions. Humidity promotes moisture, which means that the CBD-infused gummy bears are at high risk of developing mold or mildew.

On the other hand, keeping them in a place that is too drying can compromise the trichomes and dampen its potency. This makes the refrigerator the perfect place to store the gummy bears as it can reach the ideal temperature that facilitates the optimal humidity for the CBD edibles to last.

Benefit #2: Storing CBD Gummy Bears in the Fridge Keeps Them Away From Direct Light and Excessive Heat

Oxidation can be highly damaging to the quality of many foods or beverages, and CBD edibles are no exception. Long exposures to air, light, and heat can speed up the breakdown of the natural compounds within the CBD, which can degrade its cannabinoids and lead to weaker potency as a result.

Never leave your bag of CBD-infused gummy bears on the counter, especially next to a window. It’s best to store them immediately at the fridge and take out the amount you’ll be eating for the day. Seeing as heat can also be a factor that lowers the CBD’s concentration, it’s best not to keep them inside cabinets either.

Benefit #3: Storing CBD Gummy Bears in the Fridge Protects Them From Bugs

Bug infestations are more of a case-to-case basis, but since gummy bears are sugary, there is still a higher possibility that your confectionary goodies can attract pesky critters. Many bugs are attracted to sweets, so leaving your bag of CBD-infused gummy bears out in the open can run the risk of inviting ants and other insects.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Different Ways to Keep Your CBD Edibles Fresh and Delicious For the Long Haul

Now that edibles like CBD-infused gummy bears are a hot commodity in the market, more people are looking for the ideal ways to store their stash and extend its shelf life. The tips above should help you get started on the right steps and keep your CBD edibles fresh for a longer period.

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