The UK CBD Supermarket - All The Cannabinoids Product Under One Roof - it's now a reality thanks to Quintessential Tip Ltd.  As super markets go the range we offer is extensive - this phrase was first used by John from Synergy of Nature extracts as we talked about our rapid product expansion and it kind of made sense as we decided early on not manufacture our own CBD products as there needed to be a place that was un biased and had no one product to promote over the rest, by not making or white labelling our own CBD products we have retained our authenticity and un biased nature - good is good, we dont care if it from a local farm c-op or big CBD conglomerate - we just want to provide the best in an easy going manner that is often lost in the ether when shopping online.  We currently have 18 CBD product ranges and only take on the best most transparent companies - If they are not under our banner then there will be a reason why - we are approached by all the leading manufacturers to get their products on our site and we are happy to take them as long as they are certified honest trades people of good repute ( huge amounts are not) then we add them to the site.


CBD Supermarket UK 

The reason we sell so many products is because we have a huge customer base and we understand they want the latest evolution in CBD products - they do not want to go from pillar to post paying an assortment of different postage and packaging charges from places with little or no reviews. At Quintessential Tips we offer you the very best of what the UK, Europe & World market are offering and we do so with a good positive attitude and a can do nature to our customer services - don't get us wrong we are not robots and we do make mistakes like any business but it's how we rectify them that sets us apart - for example we will often refund people without being prompted if they make an over payment - it's these little things that make buying from us a easy process - we want you to be treated how we would wish to be treated if a problem arises.


CBD Supermarket UK Cornwall 


From CBD Oil to CBD Foods we have it all including wonderful CBD Honey by Pura Vida and the best selling CBD ranges from Endoca & Cibdol. Whatever your CBD or Cannabinoid needs you can get it sorted with the UK CBD Supermarket -Quintessential Tips. We offer free or discounted shipping and are constantly adding new products like the exciting KOI CBD Vape and oral tincture drips which can be vaped or put under the tongue giving you a well flavoured dual use CBD product.


CBD E-liquids UK - Cornwall

Sign up to our mailing lists and keep checking back to see what the UK CBD supermarket has added to their shelves and don't forget we may be a one stop CBD shop for England but we still are coming from an ethical hippy background and a 30 year hemp trading history which not many others can claim. If you ever want products added please just contact us and request them and we will try to add them as quickly as possible.