Hello my lovelies and welcome to another Quintessential Tips product blog - this time on buying / purchasing high end Terpene products in the great Dutchy of Cornwall - nationwide & of course world wide.  Quintessential Truro has the best selection of CBD products in the UK plus we are always expanding which means we stock products from far and wide and due to our extensive contacts we can offer a range unlike any other seller on the UK CBD scene. We are also lucky enough not to need to be part of any trade organisation as after 30 years trading in the hemp and alternative industry our name is good and we have a long trading history unlike any of the other cbd sellers or even producers as we have not just set a company up to take advantage of a new industry - we have been making hemp products since back in the day when people would laugh at us for promoting hemp, funny how everyone copied out tips or at least the natural hemp element. basically you can look at our range and our reviews and make your own mind up about us and what we offer.


When it comes to CBD e -liquids in the UK or Cornwall or even worldwide you can be sure we are offering the best quality vape products in the county - by the end of June we will be stocking every major brand of CBD -liquid including Canavape Complete Terpene E-liquid, Love Hemp, Ambrosia E-nectar, Harmony, CBDlife plus many many others and what is more you can buy direct from us the latest in Dab gear and vaporizers to compliment your CBD crystal, Crumble or terpene e-liquid. you can be sure all our terpene or Terp products offer big, bold and beautiful flavours



if we dont stock it then its not worth wasting your time with - if you are a Cornish Vape user then we can get any vape tech or product and its usually cheaper than anyone else can offer - for the simple reason 30 years of trading gets you a significant amount of contacts in most industries - we can take advantage of this stroke of luck to offer you prices and products no one else can or will.