Hello Good people - it's been some time since I have been able to publish a blog - and for good reason as we are literally increasing the CBD product range we offer in huge way. This means lots of listing and research with little time to get on and make a blog - but we are back and ready to rock and roll with our blogs - they wont be as often as before but they will be being released , so thank you in advance for reading, sharing and interacting with our blogs and with our company - we appreciate it very much and are proud to be able to serve you and the world the very best and innovative products from some of the most niche Cannabinoid manufacturers the world over. Some have said we have become the UK CBD Supermarket only with better values


 Cornwall CBD Oil


So in relation to Cornish CBD news - whats been going on in the Duchy of late.  Well for a start we have been getting reports of several other CBD sellers opening there doors - this is a good thing and to be encouraged as it provides people with access in a rural setting, so new shops are always in our mind a good thing, for example there is a health food shop selling CBD directly over the road from us in Truro and it's not a concern or a bother as they will serve people who may be unsure of going into our shop or who would not know about CBD otherwise. We feel the same about the Jacob Hooy CBD oil which is sold in every Holland & Barrett countrywide - While not massive fans of H&B, the Jacob Hooy oil is a good quality CBD oil and is making cannabinoids accessible to a whole other section of society. But the worry for us and the CBD consumers in Cornwall is that no other seller has any ties to Hemp, Cannabis or the alternative trade industry - it is purely money oriented and unlike the health food shop which operates in a proper professional manner as they deal with the sale of food supplements regularly,  we have had reports some of the other sellers are resorting to underhand tactic's to try and get a market share - what we find amusing is they think we wont find out. Telling people you are the only place in Cornwall to buy CBD is not a good move - as a quick google search clearly shows this to be false - and if they are happy telling white lies to get a sale can you be certain they wont have other nefarious tenancies - especially as money is involved. What we think is this - concentrate on your business, give good service and act honestly and watch it grow - none of us have any medical training and we are not here to make money of other peoples fear or lack of information - people always respect honesty over sales pitches. 


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It does not matter which town, village or field you are in - We where Cornwall's First CBD seller, We have possibly the biggest range of CBD products in the UK and we offer free delivery and have been known to hand deliver products as well free of charge to people with no internet access etc. We are based in Truro Cornwall but as well as serving the entire world we also serve CBD products to the good people of Mousehole, Newlyn, Penzance, St Erth, Hayle, Camborne, Redruth, Truro, Falmouth, Newquay, St Austell, Lostwithiel, St Ives, Helston, Pool and many more - We are proud to be the defacto CBD Supermarket for the UK and will continue to give good products - good prices and great service. 


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