Using rolling paper will look familiar to people with a cigarette smoking habit. Besides the commercial product bought by per box, it’s also purchasable to roll your own blend of cigarettes with raw tobacco. Additionally, you can also use it to roll a joint for a more refined flavour of ingesting cannabis.

Understanding rolling papers and ingesting Smoking Herbs

Rolling papers do more than just hold dry herbs together for smoking; it also adjusts the dosage you ingest. It’s easily the simplest way to ingest CBD / THC-based marijuana without lugging along a full gear of blow torches and dab rigs with you.

Although using a single sheet of a rolling paper is a convenient method to smoke marijuana, it does come with some risks. For example, some rolling paper products can contain harmful additives. This is why it’s necessary to be mindful of what you purchase. Thankfully, most of these side effects tend to clear up by themselves over time, with little to no long-term impact on your health.

Using rolling paper to roll a joint

The process of rolling a joint isn’t too complex. However, some amateurs may have difficulty handling it on their first try.

First, grind or crush your purchased buds and remove the stems and seed within them. Next, use your index finger to tighten the joint’s filter and use your free hand to lay down the crushed herb. Afterward, use your thumb and middle finger to form an even tube. Roll it enough until it leaves the glue stick exposed. Use Quintessential Tips as the filter and insert it into the joint’s empty portion. Finally, twist the filter until it opens, placing it in place.

Differentiating different rolling paper types

Unlike water bongs and dab rigs, rolling papers work directly in delivering cannabinoids into a person’s bloodstream. The smoke inhaled reaches the alveoli in the lungs, where gaseous exchange takes place. Since there are different rolling paper types, there are unique ways the material affects a person’s cannabis smoking experience. Listed below are four rolling paper types you can purchase:

Flavoured papers: These colourful papers have additives that make them more appealing to new smokers, with flavours ranging from mint to bubblegum. However, as mentioned above, some manufacturers may include harmful ingredients that can have odd side effects.
Wood pulp: These contain chemicals that actively slow down the burning rate of your joint. However, they’re slightly of lower quality than common rolling papers. This will only be a decent purchase if you want to choose longer smoking sessions.
Hemp: Hemp is the healthiest option with this list since it combines seamlessly with dry herbs like marijuana. Since it’s 100% made from organic material, they’re eco-friendly and generally tasteless, giving you a pure flavour.
Rice: Rice papers are generally cheaper than hemp papers and best suited for people who want to have a natural taste of the herb without added effects.


Mastering the craft of using rolling paper will take a long time to learn, especially if you’re new to the habit of ingesting tobacco, CBD. Although developing this skill is a matter of patience and perseverance, the product you’ll use will also have a vital impact on your smoking experience. This is why it’s best to purchase only premium products for your needs.

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