When you smoke, you always want to elevate your experience every session. If you haven't tried it yet, one of the best ways to up your smoking experience is by using a joint roach or filter. Joint filters offer a plethora of benefits without giving you any drawbacks. And although filters are often a preference than a necessity, it still provides great airflow while keeping your joint intact. 

Fortunately, there are different types of filter tips in the market today, some of which you can easily roll in the comfort of your home. So if you're new to the world of filters, keep reading. Here at Quintessential Tips, we'll share with you everything you need to know about joint filters and how they can enhance your smoking experience. 

Why Should I Use a Joint Filter?

A joint filter can give your joint more stability every time you're having a smoking session. Without a joint filter, it can get pretty nasty and messy at the bottom, especially when you're sharing a stick with your friends — imagine that slobbery mess! in the age of COVID-19 smoking etiquette and hygiene is essential if you wish to share smokes.

Besides keeping things in place, using a roach tip also improves the airflow when you get a hit from your joint, allowing you to feel smooth, pleasant, and clean hits. And finally, joint filters help you smoke weed while reducing waste since they can burn every last bit of your tightly packed joints. 

What are the Different Types of Joint Filters?

Fortunately, you can easily make a joint filter at home, but if you're curious about what's out there in the market, there are different types that you should be familiar with.

One of the more traditional choices for filters is cardboard filters. Usually, these DIY filters can do a perfectly good job keeping your joints together and elevating your smoking experience.

Another  far out type is fusilli pasta which are spirally noodles that you can find in your typical grocery store. All you need to cut it and make sure it fits in your joint. Remember — the thinner, the better. However, while this has been done, it's not Uber normal and i would not be rocking a pasta roach if I had a choice.

The Combination filter is another option, the Jilter filter uses plant cellulose like a cigarette filter, but also has a spot for some Quintessential Roach tips. So you get the best of both worlds without reducing any of the active ingredients you are ingesting, just the tar. This is a great product.

Different Rolling Tips You Can Try for Your Joint Filters

Normal Tip

Keeping things simple is always a good idea, so if you want to go with that, a normal tip should be good for you. You just need to grab your filter and fold it into an accordion at the end. After that, take the end so you can fold it over and start rolling to form your joint. When you look at the circle once you've finished rolling, you should see a "W" at the end. 

The Star

A slightly more complicated option compared to the normal tip is the star. With this type of filter, you'll need some scissors and a pair of steady hands. You'll want to create an accordion and at the halfway point, fold the end under until you form a star. Switching back to the accordion, you should leave one part unfolded so you can cut it off. Do that again and fold it back into a star, so you notice a much better shape; finish it off by grabbing another filter and roll it over the star.

The Cannabis Leaf

If you're up for the challenge, the cannabis leaf filter is probably one of the most difficult filters to pull off, but don't worry, Quintessential Tips has got you. 

Start with a ca. 3cm by ca. 10cm sized filter, and about a third of the way, start forming an accordion. You'll need to fold the middle even more in this part because this will form a cannabis leaf when you unroll it. After getting the shape, use a pair of scissors to cut the end of the first fold, so you create a smaller width than the rest. 

After that, get the opposite end of the roll and leave a space in between it. Unroll it again, but start rolling it even more tightly. The top of the cannabis leaf should then face the opposite direction as you begin rolling. 

The Bottom Line: Joint Filters are Game Changers

A quick and easy way to enhance your smoking experience is by using a joint filter. With Quintessential Tips helpful guide, you'll get to try a variety of filter options and find one best suited to your smoking needs. 

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