Whether you are a recreational or habitual smoker, you prioritise having a clean, good-tasting hit. You may be considering using joint filters, also known as joint crutches, which serve as a mouthpiece between your lips and joint. However, you may be worried that they will somehow make your hit less potent, so you may tend to forgo them altogether when you are rolling a joint. Its worth pointing pout out that filers and roach tips are two different things 

The truth is joint filters make smoking your hand rolled cigarettes more pleasurable and effortless because they open up the airflow and resolve your roach problems. Here are some benefits of using them:

Decreases tar, toxins, and other carcinogens  

While cannabis brings various potential medicinal benefits, its smoke can be hard on your lungs as it contains tar, toxins, and other carcinogens found in cigarettes if combining the two. Inhaling cannabis smoke into your lungs can cause your lung health to deteriorate in the long run. 

Joint filters can catch some of the tar and chemicals in smoke. Therefore, you can reduce the number of toxins and carcinogens entering your lungs and minimise the risk of bronchial irritation when you use them. It won't stop all the side effects from inhaling combustible materials but it's much better than not.

Minimises the risk of coughing 

Cannabis has tar, a toxic substance that can form a sticky layer on the inside of your lungs over time. When this happens, your lungs can get damaged and lead to lung problems, like emphysema and lung cancer. You are also prone to bronchial sensitivity that can cause major coughing attacks, even just after several hits of cannabis. The best way to reduce the tar and coughing fits while smoking joints is using joint filters and by cutting down and moving to a non-combustible form of ingestion.

Reduces wasted weed

There is nothing worse than having your joint crumble or dissolve so quickly. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this mishap by using joint filters. They are made of sturdy paper or cardboard that give the base of your joint stability. They also make the entire experience in groups more enjoyable and more hygienic. As a result, you can keep your whole joint together and smoke it, avoid dealing with a roach, and get better value for your expenses.

Protect yourself from burns

Joints and roll your own cigarettes burn too hot. In fact, the heat from a joint roach can scorch your lips or fingers. To protect yourself from burns, use a joint filter. It adds a barrier that separates your lips, fingers, and the burning embers.

Reduces “Scooby snacks” 

The bothersome flakes or loosely packed cannabis that stick to your tongue, lips, or even the back of your throat after smoking an unfiltered joint are called “Scooby snacks,” and they can make your experience less enjoyable because of their unpleasant and bitter taste. You can easily negate this phenomenon by creating a barrier separating the flower and your mouth using joint filters.

Boosts the structural integrity of any pre-roll

To add a level of structural integrity to your pre-roll, use joint filters. They keep the joint intact, which is especially important when you are sharing the joint with your friends, and it is being passed between multiple people.


Using joint filters can allow you to elevate your smoking experience. Since they serve various purposes and offer many benefits like those mentioned above, they should be an essential part of your toolbox. This way, you can ensure a cleaner, better-tasting hit. Thus, consider getting them today!

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