Sooo its here, the worlds first pure veg blunt wrap for hand rolling and smoking all your favourite legal smoking herbs and if you reside in one of the educated countries that allow cannabis then you can fill it with that and have a right old smoke however the UK is not one of those educated countries and our leaders are unelected uneducated idiots - bit harsh some might say but the truth is its not even close to being harsh enough. This blog is about superleaf and not the UK so ill end my mini rant by saying those in power in the UK are evil people, if you disagree please tell me in the comments. But now back to Superleaf.


Superleaf pure veg blunt wrap

Superleaf is a brand new and exciting product release sure to shake up the smoking accessories market both here in the UK and world wide. Blunt wraps have been around for a long while but new product releases include CBD blunts and blunts made from cocoa and other natural ingredients but as far as pure veg blunts go these area first. This vegetable rolling wrap are made using an organic process that utilises a variety of veg such as lettuce, corn and cabbage. These mixed vegetables are sourced from 100% non GMO farms and no chemicals or harsh additives are added during their patent pending manufacturing process. These are just blunt wraps made using veg, they will not get you stoned and have no intoxicating effect making them legal to use, poses and buy with no hassle or issue and no prescription is needed if buying in a medical state abroad.  The product has no odour and burns very slowly giving you plenty of smoke time for your money and of course no tobacco or nicotine. 



The finished smoking product comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to roll a cigarette or a cigar and smoked by the consumer depending on their smoking requirements. These Vegetable Rolling Wrap looks and feels like a hybrid between a rolling paper and a natural tobacco leaf but it does not dry out like traditional tobacco leaves making it last longer. It has a thin, crisp texture and a slightly sticky surface, which makes it easy to roll with little to no hand rolling experience necessary. 




These vegetable rolling blunt wrap have a clean, delightful taste that allows the smoker to truly savour the flavour of what they have rolled – and the leaf stays lit throughout the entire smoking experience. Their exclusive “slow burning formula” leaves very little ash and assures an extremely low migration rate, helping smokers preserve expensive cigarettes such as in legal medicinal marijuana or other smoking materials. Try today and remember folks to only buy smoking accessories in the UK from trusted re sellers which can be found here. We hope you really enjoy using your superleaf blunt wrap and please let us know how you found using therm.