So good people, here we are. I knew it would happen eventually but it did happen sooner than expected. The MHRA has reclassified CBD oil and associated products as a medicine and have given all UK retailers and CBD product manufacturers 28 days to cease trading. So you can say good bye now to 99% of all CBD companies trading right now in the UK by the end of the month unless a last minute reprieve is given or the the time scale made bigger. 

In some-ways this is a good thing, right now we have an unregulated market that has shysters by the dozen operating in it. from people repackaging products to highly inflated product prices. The market and the consumers are due honesty and transparency and the reclassification may help this along. But in the meantime the people who are going to suffer are the users of CBD products. We feel this situation is at best idiotic and at worst negligent of people who are suffering. 

We at Quintessential Tips will be having to stop just like everyone else on the date set out by the MHRA, and from that moment its an unknown if we will or anyone will be able to sell CBD products. It may be that Pharmacists can sell it and take over the sale of products or individuals licensed to sell medicines can. As the MRHA have not gone into further detail its an unknown situation and I suppose anything is possible. We have a few tricks up our sleeves but time will tell. 


We will be selling CBD product right up to the finish line and are happy to take bulk orders from people looking to stock up, if you require this please email or phone us and we will happily get you a special discount for bulk. Its still been a wonderful ride and we have been honoured to be able to further Hemps and Cannabises reputation and sell CBD oils to you in the way only Quintessential can. If you have any questions or queries please email and we will be happy to assist.  


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