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CBD E-Liquid Cornwall UK - what's on offer

14. November 2016

Do you live in the awesome duchy of Cornwall UK and use cannabinoid products to vape with then pop in to you're local headshop and heartshop based in the historic capital of Cornwall Truro. Quintessential is one of the biggest retailers of hemp based cannabinoid products in the UK and our range is always growing so please if you do vape or are interested in cannabinoid cbd products come on down and visit us to see what we have in stock. 


Ambrosia CBD e-liquid range


At his moment in time we stock 2 brands of cannabinoid e-liquid which are organic and a pleasure to vape with and they are the Ambrosia or Enecta range that come in some great flavours or the Love hemp e-juices that also come in some great flavours but in bigger 15ml bottles. Both the ranges are tried and tested and have a big following due to the natural flavours and are a great way to ingest high quality cannabinoids via inhalation. flavours for the enecta range include tobacco, peach tea and marijuana and the Love Hemp range has Grape, Custard cream, Blueberry menthol & Mary Jane. The Ambrosia range of CBD e-juice comes in 20mg, 100mg and 200mg cannabinoid content and the Love hemp comes in 100mg and 200mg cbd content. They both vape well and are a blend of VG & PG so you will get a throat hit and blow clouds of cannabinoid vapour.  


 Love Hemp CBD e-juice range


Quintessential also stock other non CBD e-liquids and vape juices and if you are ever wanting a certain vape product or accessory we can get it for you very quickly with next day delivery in some cases.  We stock right now Pluralight gold and Wessex vapes plus Tasty Puff e-liquid from the USA in various nicotine strengths and flavours. Basically we are not tied into any product list and are totally independent meaning we can get anything you require so if you have been looking for new e-juices in Cornwall pop in and see what we have or request what you want , it could not be easier. 



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