As smoking connoisseurs we all love new toys, especially ones that work and are usable as opposed to gimmicky things that look cool but end up in a box in the spare room alongside other smoking accessories that should never of been. We all have them though, things that looked good on the shop shelves or on the website but never worked more than once or if it did work, it just was lame. But welcome 2016's new smoking tool of note the RollKing. This new smoking accessory is a cool tool that will help you skin up with ease and it operates on the four P's. Prepare it, Pick it, Position it & Pack it. Using this rolling aid is the best way to get a real mix on the go with your tobacco and legal smoking mixtures and it will aid the smoothness of the smoking experience. Just dont forget to use decent rolling smoking papers with it and of course Quintessential Smoking roach tips, a perfect smoke always has our tips and a decent paper like OCB. Mix those items with the Rollking and you have a match made in heaven 


How to use the Roll King Smoking accessory and rolling aid


The Rollking is the handy tool seasoned smokers have been waiting for. Its incredible precision lets you pick up and position your smoke into a rolling paper, without leaving a single speck behind! this will appeal to the OCD smokers out there who cant stand mess. Once you've finished filling and rolling the paper turn the RollKing over to utilise its packing end to ensure a nicely filled smoke that not loose or baggy. ROLLKING, ITS THE SMARTER WAY TO ROLL.