Wiz Khalifa KS cones are a brand new and exciting pre rolled smoking cone release from the makers of RAW HBI in conjunction with the USA master of modern rap Wiz Khalifa who shot to fame with his insta classic hip hop album rolling papers. If you are into pre rolled cones or are just inquisitive we urge you to try them out as the quality and smoking experience is good one. So not just another gimmick but a cool hip hop smokers collectable that comes in a Wiz branded re-usable tin that will live on long past when you finish smoking your cones and each tin comes embossed with raised "Wiz Khalifa" branding making this smoking accessory product a real keeper. Each tin holds six, yeah thats right six pre rolled conical smoking cones complete with a pre tipped roach end so no fuss or hassle when it comes to filling them. All Six of the smoking cones are made from RAW rolling papers signature paper which come unbleached / Chlorine free and watermarked as standard. By incorporating the watermark RAW and Wiz have ensured an even smooth smoking experience with no side burns or runs and an even consistent burn making this ultra thin cone a much cleaner smoke with the legal herbal smoking mixtures used in it that much purer. Another great reason to buy these conical pre rolled cones is that unlike the traditional raw versions the tine stops these paper cones from being damaged in transit and you can take the wiz tin anywhere with you meaning an alfresco smoke is possible without destroying your joints in your pockets. 


Wiz Khalifa pre rolled smoking cones

Having tried many smoking products and rolling papers in our time these wiz paper cones and travel tin are some of the best we encountered, also as they are pre rolled they do not suffer from the occasional bad glue that RAW rolling papers are known for, its all already stuck together and ready for you to fill and smoke. To fill each cone is an easy ritual to complete and you can as long as the perfect grind is achieved fill one in a about a minute so no down time or hassle when it comes to blazing  these cones.  Its worth having a look at our list of trusted UK sellers of rolling papers and smoking accessories and if you wish to buy them buy them from one of our recommendations to avoid disappointment, if it seems to cheap then it probably is and steer clear and only go for reputable UK business selling them.


Main product Selling points 


  • 6 Pre Rolled Cones Per Wiz Tin - smoke for longer
  • Natural Unrefined Paper - Bleach and chlorine free
  • Watermarked Paper - consistent burn and smoking experience 
  • Water Based Gum - vegan friendly and GMO free
  • Unbleached Cones - dont inhale any bleach toxins
  • Translucent Ultra Thin Paper - taste what you put in better
  • Pre-Tipped - while not Quintessential tips its better than trying to insert your own 
  • 6 Cones Per Wiz Tin - Smoke all night if you want
  • Collectable Hip Hop Memorabilia 
  • Length: Aprox 109mm
  • Re-Usable Metal Tin - protect your smoking cones from damage in transit.
  • Easy to use
  • Travel pack - perfect for festivals and parties 
  • Branded Wiz Khalifa official Smokers products.