Buying rolling papers and smoking accessories in the UK can be a daunting task as there are so many people selling them at varying prices and in varying states of freshness so we put together the definitive of the UK's best smoking paper retailers and associated products. If they are on the list they operate in a trustworthy manner and you are guaranteed  ( not by us) a hassle free service and quality products. If they are not on the list steer well clear and only buy smoking papers, tips and associated smoking accessories from proper vendors. Dont waste time and money on bad retailers - if they are not on this list then they may be selling fakes or could potentially screw you over with fraudulent techniques. That is not to say that all not on this list are bad but if you look at the first page of google all the good ones will be on this list and all the bad ones wont. At least you will have a heads up if new to buying rolling papers online about who is worth buying from.

(if you are a rolling paper retailer that we have missed please contact us and we will add you.

The list of trusted UK smoking accessory providers


1. Everyone Does It

 Every one does it head shop


This business has been taken to the next level buy its current owners and offer one of the worlds biggest selections of bongs, papers and every other associated product you could think of. They also offer free worldwide delivery when you spend over £25 and often run promotions that will save you money. 


2. Ali Bongo

 Ali bongo head shop

Another UK favourite, make a beeline for them if you are into rolling papers including the Shine gold papers as they are one of the official UK stockist and we dont recommend buying them anywhere else to ensure a quality service and product. They also have a big seed selection and a well stocked rolling paper, filter and blunt selection and some great bongs.

3. The Backy Shop


Rolling paper selection the backy shop
Despite having an incredible range of tobaccos on offer in both loose and in straight cigarettes, the Backy shop also has a good selection of pre made cigarette tubes and hand rolling accessories from filters and roach to king size rolling papers. The perfect place to buy tobacco and hand rolling RYO products.

4. Smokers Heaven


Smokers heaven shop UK

Smokers heaven is a one stop lifestyle shop that does have a massive range of hand rolling paper products. From regular size rolling papers to Spanish and king size slim they have something for everyone. If you are looking for a new place to buy hand rolling accessories then give them a go.

5. Roll Ups 


This site is dedicated to the art of hand rolling and has everything you could need or want when it comes to making roll your own smokes. From papers to tubes for cigarette machines and filters, they have everything and are one of the best UK retailers of smoking paper products.


6. Shiva Online


Shiva Online head shop

Shiva online is a great UK based head shop and retailer of quality smoking products. They have a well stocked selection of the finest rolling smoking papers amongst many other items and are a trusted and well liked business that has been going for quite some time. If you are looking for a new place to buy smoking and hand rolling accessories then try Shiva online for a great shopping experience.


7. Pure Sativa


Pure sativa logo


While Pure Sativa does not have the biggest hand rolling paper selection, they do stock all of the RAW papers and also some niche ones like the transparent 1back papers that are very popular. We are sure while looking through there selection you will find many things worthy of your time and money