Are kingpin blunt wraps any good? well yes and no is the answer as any self respecting lover of blunt wraps will of long ago come to the conclusion that no mass made flavoured blunt wraps are any good. The flavours are to chemically enhanced and overpowering and the tobacco used is of the lowest quality. Of course many many people wont mind that and also as its usually used for special occasions its not like they are used on a daily basis so the flaws within the product are not so important.



But for those blunt wrap connoisseurs out there it painfully obvious that these and the majority of blunt wraps on the smoking accessories market have been designed for younger markets and those with no taste. it would be great if just like the rolling paper market there was a high end blunt wrap available and i dont mean like the shine gold ones, i mean a real high end blunt wrap designed to be a good niche product for smokers by blunt wrap smokers. It seems as long as blunts are mass produced they will continue to be a novelty instead of a alternate form of rolling paper material. The closest we have found to a an every day usable smoking product is Brown sugar wraps but they have been blocked for sale by customs in the UK while they argue over tobacco paper thickness. 


There is something special about taking a proper Cuban cigar and stripping it down and turning it into a blunt. This art has long been lost in the smoking world due to mass made cheap and nasty smokers products designed to sell quickly to uniformed smokers. So what are the kingpins like to smoke, well we taste tested some with some friends who tried a great many of the kingpin blunt flavours including, Purple storm, Blueberry Bubblegum, Golden Leaf, Grape, Strawberry & Kiwi, Very Berry, Premium kingpin blunts Havoc or cherry and brandy as its known.Sonic grape & apple & finally Kingpin premium Blunt wraps Suca or sugar cane for those that like a sweet tooth. 



The result of these blunts is as expected to be honest, they are fine as a gimmick blunt wrap but are still in the same ballpark as juicy jay blunts and all that seams to of changed is the packaging. We recommend trying for yourself and the UK's biggest and cheapest retailer of rolling papers and blunts will be happy to help & Ali Bongo are the only trusted place to buy from within the UK. Dont buy anything from discount retailers the quality will be poor and the stock old. Also the safety of your card details will be questionable so take care and only purchase blunts from the above two websites for guaranteed official stock. 


Every Pack of Kingpin Premium Blunt Wraps includes 


  • 2 x Premium Double Blunt Wraps
  • Different  Flavour Notes depending on flavour blunt wrap
  • Made from Top Quality Tobacco although this  is questionable as keeping costs down is number one in the smoking accessories market
  • Packaged for freshness in a sealed pack
  • Re-Seal able Zip Lock so you dont have to use both in one day
  • Easy To use
  • Gummed sticking for an easy to roll and stick blunt
  • 25 Blunt Wraps Per Box (50 Blunt Wraps)